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Sometimes air power just isn't enough, meaning the military has to send in ground forces to subdue a foe. How much do you know about the military's ground assault vehicles?

How much does the M1 Abrams tank weigh?

It is one of the heaviest tanks in the world.


The U.S. uses many LAV (Light Armored Vehicles) based on a design created in which country?

The Swiss MOWAG Piranha, which has a much cooler name, is the inspiration for the American LAVs.


What's the maximum speed of the M109 Howitzer?

Just fast enough to stay out of range of most enemy weapons.


What is the crew size of the Paladin M109A7 artillery system?

Versions of this gun have been in use since the 1960s.


What is the nickname of the M1 Assault Breacher Vehicle?

It shreds an enemy's defenses to make way for other assault vehicles.


The U.S. Joint Light Tactical Vehicle program is meant to help replace which vehicle?

It's meant to keep the crew safer and more comfortable in combat environments.


Which vehicle has a deployable bridge mounted on its top to help other vehicles traverse otherwise impassable areas?

The 85-foot bridge can support a 70-ton vehicle and change the course of a battle.


How many versions of the M1 Abrams tank have been deployed in service?

Since its introduction in 1980, it has seen major upgrades in all aspects of its engineering.


What's the approximate horsepower of a Bradley Fighting Vehicle?

These powerful engines help lug the weight of the armor protecting the crew.


What was a primary flaw of the Stryker armored vehicle when it was deployed to Afghanistan?

As a result, crews were forced to take roads, which were lined with enemy traps.


For how long can the M58 Wolf Smoke Generator Carrier create a smoke screen during battle?

It can also produce infrared screens that disrupt enemy weapons.


About how many M1 Abrams tanks have been constructed?

It is the main battle tank of the United States and has been exported to other countries as well.


What's the approximate cost of the newest generation of Joint Light Tactical Vehicles?

These "trucks" will likely be deployed in the thousands as the program continues.


What is the primary purpose of the M1131 Fire Support Vehicle?

It acquires targets and relays that information to vehicles that do the real shooting.


The Buffalo MPRC armored vehicle is specifically designed to ward off what kind of enemy weapons?

It's heavy armor is designed to protect the crew while it clears a path for battle units.


What is the V-shaped hull of the Buffalo MPRC designed to do?

A mine might disable the vehicle but the crew will be safe; the vehicle can be retrieved and repaired.


What is one key ingredient that makes the M1 Abrams' armor harder to penetrate?

The incredible density of depleted uranium helps make the armor heavier and tougher.


What task is the LAV-R vehicle designed to perform?

It has a winch and a boom crane to help pull other vehicles out of trouble; it also has a large machine gun for defense.


How did the Stryker armored vehicle get its distinctive name?

The two men both won the Medal of Honor posthumously, one after WWII and one after Vietnam.


What kind of weapon was mounted to the M132, which is now retired?

It could blast a flame for more than half a minute at a range of 650 feet.


Why is the armor for many mine-protected vehicles bolted onto the chassis instead of welded?

Manufacturers expect that some of these vehicles are going to need repair work.


In how many different camouflage patterns does the M3 Bradley come?

You can pick up yours in urban, woodland, sand or olive drab; candy red is not an option.


Which vehicle has become one of the most common since the second half of the 20th century?

It has dozens of variants and has become one of the most useful military vehicles in the world.


When did the first AAV (Assault Amphibious Vehicle) first go into service?

It has seen action from Africa to the Falklands to Iraq.


How many wheels are on the Stryker armored vehicle?

Crews can drive the vehicle in four-wheel or all-wheel drive.


What does the Stryker armored vehicle do if its tire pressure is too low for a specific terrain?

How handy would that be for your own car?


How many grenade rounds are always ready for launch on the newest version of the Amphibious Assault Vehicle?

It also has 200 rounds of .50-caliber machine ammo ready to fire at any moment.


Why was a mount for a scout motorcycle removed from the Bradley Cavalry Fighting Vehicle?

Enemy bullets and gasoline do not mix.


The International MaxxPro, a Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle, has a high ground clearance that makes it susceptible to what?

Just like with consumer SUVs, this one can topple over if you swing the steering wheel too fast at high speed.


About how much does each Stryker armored vehicle cost?

The per-unit cost has risen in recent years, leading to criticism from budget analysts.


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