Quiz: The Military Ground Assault Vehicles Quiz
The Military Ground Assault Vehicles Quiz
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Sometimes air power just isn't enough, meaning the military has to send in ground forces to subdue a foe. How much do you know about the military's ground assault vehicles?

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How much does the M1 Abrams tank weigh?
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The U.S. uses many LAV (Light Armored Vehicles) based on a design created in which country?
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What's the maximum speed of the M109 Howitzer?
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What is the crew size of the Paladin M109A7 artillery system?
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What is the nickname of the M1 Assault Breacher Vehicle?
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The U.S. Joint Light Tactical Vehicle program is meant to help replace which vehicle?
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Which vehicle has a deployable bridge mounted on its top to help other vehicles traverse otherwise impassable areas?
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How many versions of the M1 Abrams tank have been deployed in service?
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What's the approximate horsepower of a Bradley Fighting Vehicle?
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What was a primary flaw of the Stryker armored vehicle when it was deployed to Afghanistan?
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For how long can the M58 Wolf Smoke Generator Carrier create a smoke screen during battle?
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About how many M1 Abrams tanks have been constructed?
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What's the approximate cost of the newest generation of Joint Light Tactical Vehicles?
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The Buffalo MPRC armored vehicle is specifically designed to ward off what kind of enemy weapons?
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What is one key ingredient that makes the M1 Abrams' armor harder to penetrate?
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What task is the LAV-R vehicle designed to perform?
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What kind of weapon was mounted to the M132, which is now retired?
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Why is the armor for many mine-protected vehicles bolted onto the chassis instead of welded?
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In how many different camouflage patterns does the M3 Bradley come?
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Which vehicle has become one of the most common since the second half of the 20th century?
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When did the first AAV (Assault Amphibious Vehicle) first go into service?
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How many wheels are on the Stryker armored vehicle?
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What does the Stryker armored vehicle do if its tire pressure is too low for a specific terrain?
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How many grenade rounds are always ready for launch on the newest version of the Amphibious Assault Vehicle?
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The International MaxxPro, a Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle, has a high ground clearance that makes it susceptible to what?
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About how much does each Stryker armored vehicle cost?
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