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Military snipers have been great fodder for video games and movies, and they're just as interesting in reality. Test out your aim here on Stuff You Should Know's military sniper quiz.

Snipers always work in what?

Light or dark, it doesn't make a difference. But snipers always work with a spotter.


What is the main battlefield job of the sniper team?

The long-range rifle shots of a sniper get all the press, but recon is really a sniper's main job on the battlefield.


True or false: A target of opportunity is usually the enemy's top commander.

Not true. A target of opportunity is a secondary target when the main target is not around.


What are the non-human sniper targets called?

Many times the targets are non-human, like ammunition trucks or power generators. These are called material targets.


What's the name of a soldier or a team that can do the damage of a much larger force?

Also a great band name, a sniper is known as a force multiplier.


What do you call a weapon that takes more than one soldier to operate?

A weapon that takes more than one soldier to operate, like a sniper team, is called a crew-served weapon.


True or false: The sniper's field partner is called a spot man.

Everyone knows he or she is called a spotter, right? Well, if you didn't, then you do now.


What is the spotter's main position when a shot is being set up?

An accurate spotter should place him or herself beside and slightly behind the sniper.


How does the spotter track the flight of the bullet?

Just like in the movies, a high-velocity round actually leaves a vapor trail behind it as it cuts through the air.


What is the sniper motto?

These are all pretty cool, but "one shot, one kill" is the sniper motto.


What are match-grade weapons?

If you're a sniper, only one thing matters -- how accurate your rifle is. Match grade means a professional gunsmith has made it so.


Sniper rifles are generally what?

As a result of the limited number of moving parts, bolt action rifles are the most accurate and, therefore, are the weapon of choice for military snipers.


What is the average cost of a match-grade sniper rifle?

A sniper rifle costs about $10,000 to $15,000 to manufacture and get just right.


A targeting reticule is more commonly known as what?

Answer: crosshairs. The scope is basically a small telescope, with crosshairs, or a targeting reticule, laid over the glass.


Generally, what is the maximum range for a sniper shot?

Snipers generally max out at about 1,000 yards. Anything farther cannot be counted on.


The word ghillie comes from what country?

The heavily camouflaged suits worn by snipers are called ghillies, and the name comes from Scotland.


What is main hallmark of a ghillie suit?

You've seen them in movies -- suits with twigs, straw and grass sewn into them. It's true!


Which branch of the U.S. military is known to have the best school for snipers?

The marines do a lot of things right when it comes to training. Their sniper school is the most renowned.


What do sniper schools look for most of all in a sniper candidate?

You can improve a soldier's shot, but you can't change his or her temperament. A sniper needs to have a calm, cool head in order to be successful.


True or false: The Marine scout sniper program lasts a full 12 months.

False. It's only a two-month course.


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