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This company has published many games that turned into cultural phenomena. How much do you know about these Milton-Bradley games?

How many blocks are included in Jenga, which requires players to remove pieces from a tower without causing it to fall?

Sometimes it takes longer to set it up than it does to actually play.


Cheyenne was a board game based on what?

Many games in the 1950s were inspired by TV shows.


Which game features The Empire versus Chaos?

This one was released in 1992.


Yahtzee was first called what?

There are five dice in the game that you might roll up to three times during your turn.


What do you try to do to your opponents in Hotel?

Like Monopoly, the more you build, the more likely you are to win.


How many sides are there to the die included in Scattergories?

The die determines which letter players use to create their answers.


Why was "Twister" a controversial game when it was introduced?

Many people (including parents) didn't like the idea of human bodies used as game pieces.


When did the first version of The Game of Life appear?

And it was originally called The Checkered Game of Life.


When did the modern incarnation of The Game of Life first hit the market?

A full century after its introduction, the game took on its familiar form.


Why didn't the first versions of The Game of Life include dice?

Instead, the game employed a six-sided top called a teetotum.


What's the maximum number of players for Stratego?

Each player controls an army attempting to capture a flag.


What color of hippo does NOT appear on the Hungry Hungry Hippos board?

The hippos are typically green, yellow, pink and orange.


Why did Parker Brothers sue Milton-Bradley for Easy Money?

Even the board's layout looked very similar to Monopoly.


Battleship was probably inspired by which conflict?

It has undergone many changes and started as a pad-and-pencil game.


In what year was the World War II game Axis & Allies first published?

It is now called Axis & Allies: Classic and remains one of the most popular war strategy games.


A college student sold his rights to Operation in exchange for what?

The inventor got $500 and wanted a job at the company; he received no royalties.


How does a player win Battleship?

Each player has five ships, including an aircraft carrier and submarine, among others.


What's the most expensive procedure in Operation?

The fee for the stomach surgery is $1,000, much more than the others in the game.


Connect Four is also known as what?

It's also called Fourplay, Find Four, Plot Four, among other names.


How many columns are there in the Connect Four grid?

There are also six vertical rows, making 42 total playable spots.


About how many combinations of positions (total) are there for a game of Connect Four?

It would take you many lifetimes to play that many different games.


How does your turn end in Barrel of Monkeys?

You keep going until your monkey chain breaks and a monkey drops.


In theory, what happens if you begin a game of "Connect Four" anywhere but the center column?

The second player can always force a tie (at minimum) if he or she is smart ... and you start the game anywhere on the sides of the grid.


Which board game is based on a book written by Howard Roger Garis?

To win the game, players have to reach Dr. Possum's House.


What's the objective in The Game of Cootie?

Kids roll a die and then assemble plastic pieces to build a bug.


How many keys do you have to collect to win Dark Tower?

The game took advantage of the role-playing game fad in the 1980s.


What's the current unofficial record for winning Barrel of Monkeys?

That means the record holder picked up all 13 monkeys without dropping a single one.


In what year was Candyland first released?

It was imagined by a woman who was hospitalized for polio.


About how many copies of Candyland sell each year?

More than half a century later, it is still a top seller.


How much did the board game called Uncle Wiggily cost in 1947?

For about $0.70, you could own this classic game.


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