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A horse is a horse, of course, but a talking horse is something else altogether. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of all things "Mister Ed"!

Where did the Post family find Mister Ed?

The Post family met Mister Ed for the first time after moving into their new home and learning that the former owners had left him behind in the barn.


True or false: Mister Ed never talked to anyone but Mr. Post.

In two episodes of the show, Mister Ed branched out and spoke to young children.


True or false: Mr. Ed was played by a zebra, not a horse.

Despite the popularity of this myth, Mr. Ed was played by a horse, not by a zebra.


What kind of horse was Mister Ed?

Mister Ed was played by a palomino named Bamboo Harvester, who lived to age 19.


What did producers use to make Mister Ed "talk"?

The horse moved his lips as he tried to dislodge a piece of peanut butter-covered nylon placed under his lip.


True or false: The show started off as a series of books.

Inspired by the "Francis the Talking Mule" movies, producers created "Mister Ed" based on 28 short stories by Walter Brooks about a talking horse named Mister Ed.


What year did "Mister Ed" premiere?

The show hit the air in 1961 and was one of those rare shows to start in syndication before moving to a single network.


How many seasons did the show run?

The show ran for 145 episodes over six seasons, between 1961 and 1966.


Who voiced Mister Ed on the show?

While the voice of the horse was kept a closely guarded secret, it was B-movie actor Allan Lane who voiced Mister Ed.


What is Wilbur Post's profession on the show?

The clumsy Mr. Post spends his days as an architect and his nights talking to his pet horse.


What is the name of Wilbur's wife?

Wilbur is married to the lovely Carol Post, played by Connie Hines.


Who were the Posts' neighbors when the show first aired?

Roger and Kay Addison, played by Larry Keating and Edna Skinner, lived next to the Posts for the show's first few seasons.


Who moved in after the Addisons moved out?

After three seasons of living next to the Addisons, the Posts got new neighbors when Gordon and Winnie Kirkwood moved in.


What is the name of Kay's brother?

Kay Addison's brother, Paul Fenton (played by Jack Albertson), appeared numerous times throughout the series.


True or false: Carol's father always supported her marriage to Wilbur.

The grumpy Mr. Higgins, played by Barry Kelley, spends much of the series trying to get his daughter to dump her husband.


Where does Mister Ed go when he runs away in season one?

When Wilbur goes to Mexico for a fishing trip and leaves him behind, a dejected Ed runs away to Kiddy Park, the local amusement park.


Who horse-naps Mister Ed in season one?

When Mister Ed is horse-napped by sorority girls, Wilbur must dress as a woman to break into the house and rescue him.


How does Ed plan to help the family finances in season two?

After Carol runs up a huge phone bill, Ed proposes selling real estate over the phone so he can contribute to the family coffers.


Who offers a $25,000 prize for proof of a talking animal?

In "George Burns Meets Mister Ed," Wilbur begs Ed to talk in front of others so he can claim the cash prize.


What gives Mister Ed amnesia during season three?

After he is hit by a bucket of carrots, Mister Ed develops amnesia.


Where do Wilbur and Ed tangle with cardsharps during season three?

On a trip to Big Pine Lodge, Wilbur and Ed pull one over on a gang of cardsharps who have their hearts set on a swindle.


Who wins a miniature horse during season four?

After Wilbur wins a miniature horse in a contest, Ed takes a liking to the animal and decides to adopt it.


What baseball team does Mister Ed visit during season four?

Ed phones Dodgers manager Leo Durocher with some coaching tips and ends up hitting a ball thrown by Sandy Koufax.


Where does Ed run away to after having a fight over a swimming pool?

After a season four fight with Wilbur over adding a swimming pool to the home, Ed takes off for the desert, forcing Wilbur to come looking for him.


What celebrity hires Wilbur to redesign her stable?

In "Mae West Meets Mister Ed," the star invites Wilbur Post to redesign her stable.


What yummy concoction does Ed whip up in season five?

In "Ed's Juice Stand," the horse whips up some tasty juice but refuses to share his recipe so Wilbur can sell the beverage.


What organization wants Ed to join in the episode "Ed the Sentry"?

The Air Force tries to recruit Ed in the season five episode, which also features Carol developing a sudden allergy to horses.


What does Ed want Wilbur to do in "Ed the Bridegroom"?

After meeting the filly of his dreams, Ed begs Wilbur to find a justice of the peace to perform an equine wedding.


Where does Ed want to go in the series finale?

In the final episode of "Mister Ed," Ed plans to go to college.


What does Ed want to study in college?

Ed hopes to study medicine and become a PHD — Palomino Horse Doctor.


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