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The schedule is set, players are gearing up, and the Grand Salami has been determined. It's time to pull out your wallet and put some money down on whatever odds the bookmakers have determined. Are you prepared to bet on the Grand Salami? Do you even know what it is? Here's your chance to find out!

Baseball has a long history in the gambling world, as odds are put on everything from who is going to hit a home run in certain games to which team is going to the World Series before the season even starts. After odds are set, fans flock in with stats and good-luck charms trying to make a quick buck by placing their money on which side they find favorable. Sometimes, they are lucky; sometimes, they lose every dollar they have. 

Nevertheless, one thing is certain, betting helps drive the popularity of Major League Baseball. Fans love the idea of betting, and occasionally, even the players like the idea. Look at the 1919 Black Sox Scandal or the Pete Rose Hall of Fame controversy to see just how important betting is in baseball. 

If you're a fan of betting, and particularly, if you're a fan of betting on the Grand Salami, take this quiz and test your knowledge to see if you even should be betting at all. 

What's the time period for a Grand Salami?

MLB is made for people who like to bet. There are odds on everything from single games to who will make the World Series.


How many teams are in the Grand Salami?

There are 30 teams in MLB. Those teams are divided into two conferences, the American League and the National League.


What's the Grand Salami based on?

The Grand Salami is a bet placed on how many total runs will be scored on a given day. You'll be surprised at some of the numbers!


Can you bid anything besides the over/under on the Grand Salami?

The live-ball era came about around 1920. Home runs increased significantly during this time.


What's a major factor in the Grand Salami?

A great pitcher will keep the score low in a game. No pitcher was better during his career than Nolan Ryan, who holds the MLB record for career strikeouts.


What's another major factor in the Grand Salami?

Teams who are on a long road stretch and playing back to backs are usually less enthusiastic during those later games. They are much more likely to give up runs to the opposing team.


Do injuries play a factor in the Grand Salami?

Sandy Koufax was one of the best pitchers to ever take the mound, pitching four no-hitters and a perfect game during his career. However, he was forced to retire at the age of 31 due to injuries.


What can hurt someone who chooses the under on the Grand Salami?

No player has hit more than two grand slams in a game. The last player to accomplish this was Josh Willingham, who played for the Nationals.


What can hurt someone who chooses the over on the Grand Salami?

In 1968, the Astros played the Mets in a game that went 23 innings without a score. Finally, in the 24th inning, the Astros hit a ground ball to score a single point and win the game.


Does weather play a factor in determining the Grand Salami?

Games will end and be moved to another day if the weather gets too bad. If this is the case, the Grand Salami is canceled for the day.


What's difficult for bookmakers about the Grand Salami?

There are so many factors that go into the Grand Salami that coming up with a prediction is difficult. That's why many bookmakers won't put it on the books for the day.


Who coined the phrase "Grand Salami"?

Dave Niehaus was a legendary sports announcer who helped define the business. He was awarded the Ford C. Frick Award in 2008, honoring his time as a baseball broadcaster.


What was Dave Niehaus referring to when he said "Grand Salami"?

Of course, Dave Niehaus wasn't referring to betting when he first mentioned the Grand Salami in 1995. Instead, he was making a call where Edgar Martinez hit a grand slam during a game that was tied 6-6.


What are the most home runs ever hit in a single day?

One of the greatest home run hitters of all time was Hank Aaron. He beat Babe Ruth's home run record on April 8, 1974 when he hit his 715th homer.


What day were 62 home runs hit?

Home runs on July 2, 2002 were distributed among multiple players. No player hit more than two home runs that day.


How many runs were scored on July 2, 2002?

If you picked the under on July 2, 2002 for the Grand Salami, you probably lost a chunk of cash. The day was filled with high scoring games.


Which team hit the most home runs on July 2, 2002?

The Giants hit eight home runs an 18-5 victory over the Rockies. This was the second highest scoring game of the day.


How many home runs were hit on April 7, 2000, the second most in MLB history?

The highest scoring game on April 7, 2000 was between the Detroit Tigers and Baltimore Orioles. The Orioles defeated the Tigers 14-10.


On May 14, 2017, the second-most home runs in ten years for a single day were hit. How many home runs were hit that day?

The 17 games on the day helped contribute to the home run total. There were also two doubleheaders with heavy hitters on all four teams.


In the last game of the day on May 14, 2017, which team hit four home runs against pitcher Masahiro Tanaka?

The Astros would earn a spot in the 2017 World Series. During the series, they defeated the Dodgers in seven games to win the title.


How many home runs were hit on opening day in 2018?

2017 saw the most home runs league wide in a season. That momentum carried over to 2018 where 33 home runs were hit on the first day.


What are the most home runs hit by a player in a single game?

Since 1903, 16 players have hit four home runs in a single game. Four of those players are in the baseball Hall of Fame.


Who was the last player to hit four home runs in a single game?

In 2017, two players hit four home runs in a single game. The other player, besides J.D. Martinez, was Scooter Gennett three months earlier.


What are the most home runs hit by a single player in a doubleheader?

This was first accomplished by Stan Musial in 1954. It has been done one time since then in 1972 by Nate Colbert.


What's the record for single-game runs scored in MLB for a player?

Guy Hecker once scored seven home runs in a day. However, this occurred in 1886 before MLB was founded.


Who's the only player to score six runs in a single game twice?

Mel Ott played his entire career from 1926 until 1947 with the New York Giants. He was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1951.


Which team lost even after one player scored six runs in a single game?

No team has ever lost when a player scored six runs in a game. Since 1903, only eight players have accomplished this.


Who was the last player to score six runs in a single game?

Joe Randa was playing for the Kansas City Royals when he scored six runs on September 9th, 2004. The Royals were playing against the Tigers in a game they won 26-5.


What are the most runs scored in a doubleheader?

The record was set by the Red Sox and the Athletics in 1939. The Red Sox won both games.


What are the most runs scored in a single game by both teams?

This record was set in 1922 by the Phillies and the Cubs. It occurred during an era where home runs were just becoming popular in baseball.


What are the most runs scored in a single game by one team since 1903?

The Rangers scored 30 in a game against Baltimore in 2007. Baltimore could only muster three points during the game.


What are the most runs scored in a single inning by both teams?

In a game on April 10, 1977, the Indians defeated the Red Sox 19-9. In the 8th inning of that game, the Indians scored 13 runs and the Red Sox scored six.


How many perfect games have been pitched since MLB was founded in 1903?

If you choose the under on the Grand Salami, great pitching is a key factor. A pitcher can't be any better than throwing a perfect game.


What are the most runs scored on opening day since 1903 in a single game?

On April 14, 1925, 35 runs were scored between the Indians and the Browns. The Indians got the best of the matchup 21-14.


What are the most runs batted in for a single game by a player?

This accomplishment has only been done twice. The last time was by Mark Whiten on September 7, 1993.


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