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Massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) let you take on challenges and go on quests with friends from around the world or a group of strangers you just met. If you've spent time raiding dungeons or teaming up for boss battles, you might have leveled up enough to take on this quiz.

Classes that handle the "tank" role do what in combat?

In MMORPG combat, "tanking" means to draw aggro from enemies and soak up a lot of damage so your less tanky teammates don’t die.


A generic term for hostile enemies or groups of enemies controlled by the computer (as opposed to other players) is …

Mob is an abbreviation for "mobile," a term used to describe entities that could move in early text-based games.


Who first used the term "MMORPG"?

Richard Garriott first used the term MMORPG to describe his game "Ultima Online" in 1997.


A dungeon or mission that loads separately from the rest of the game world (so that other players who enter the same dungeon are loaded into their own discrete version of it) is called a what?

Instanced missions have become a key element of many MMORPGs, since they allow many players to experience smaller areas without the mission becoming overcrowded.


The ancestors of today's MMORPGs are text-based online worlds called MUDs. What does MUD stand for?

Although different "backronyms" have been applied to MUD, it originally stood for multiuser dungeon.


What is the name of the first graphical MMORPG, which was based on the "gold box" single-player RPGs from TSR/SSI?

"Neverwinter Nights" enjoyed significant popularity on AOL throughout the 1990s. A different RPG produced in 2002 shared the name and setting.


An MMORPG character that focuses on restricting enemy movement, confusing enemies, stunning them or making their abilities less effective is known as what?

Controllers can be difficult to play solo but are an integral part of an MMORPG team planning a raid.


The most popular MMORPG in the world, with about 12 million reported subscribers at its peak and more than 5 million in 2015, is …

"World of Warcraft" debuted in 2004.


Modern MMORPGs have generally adopted a free-to-play or monthly subscription model. How did the earliest MMORPGs charge players?

Early MMORPGs cost between $6 and $12 per hour to play, although one game offered unlimited play for $120 per month. Makes you feel less bad about that "WoW" subscription, doesn’t it?


What game was the best-selling MMORPG in the U.S. prior to the dominance of "World of Warcraft"?

"EverQuest" was released in 1999, and though its popularity has faded, it still exists, with expansions released as of 2015.


Combat between human players in an MMORPG is known as …

PvP lets players test their skills against each other. Most MMORPGs restrict PVP to certain areas or servers so newbies, crafters and social players aren’t constantly getting killed.


Players battling against computer-controlled enemies, on the other hand, is known as PvE, which stands for what?

Player-versus-environment missions allow players to cooperate or take them on solo.


Another common MMORPG acronym is DPS, often used to rate a power, class or build's effectiveness in combat. What does it stand for?

Damage per second takes into account both the raw damage of a power or class as well as the recharge time or attack speed, giving a rough approximation of how much hurt a player can deliver in a fight.


"City of Heroes" was a major MMORPG in what genre?

"City of Heroes" was about superheroes (and, later, villains) fighting for the future of Paragon City.


Coins and items left behind when a mob or another player is killed is known as what, a term also used in single-player RPGs?

One of the best parts about playing an MMORPG is finding rare loot.


The process of repeatedly killing certain enemies over and over again to generate experience points or collect large quantities of loot is a common frustration for MMORPG players. What is the most common term for this?

Early MMORPGs were notorious for the brutal grinds. Grinding is sometimes known as farming, especially if the players have figured out a way to optimize the process. How many Clefthoof hides did you collect?


When players have an ability that improves or amplifies the abilities of their teammates, that's known as a …

Controller classes in MMORPGs often also have buffs for their team (as opposed to the debuffs they use on enemies).


This online "game" was not intended as an RPG, but it provides such freedom for users that several different RPGs were created within it. What is it called? (Hint: it uses a virtual currency known as Linden dollars).

"Second Life" offers such a wide range of options and freedom to build that there are MMORPGs of several different genres built within it by the players (although they are all on a much smaller scale than full commercially produced MMORPGs).


What does the term "respec" mean in MMORPGs?

Allowing players to respec, or remake their characters, lets them incorporate things they've learned about the game or adjust the character to be more suitable for higher-level play.


Which of the following intellectual properties does NOT have an MMORPG based on it?

"Age of Conan" and "The Lord of the Rings Online" are both games you could be playing right now, but there is no " The X-Files" MMORPG.


What happened during the infamous "Corrupted Blood" incident in "World of Warcraft"?

The Corrupted Blood plague was used by some epidemiologists to study how people might react to disease epidemics in the real world.


This game depicts a massive galaxy fueled by an economy so deep there are actual economists on the development team, and it's marked by occasional massive space battles between rival clans. It's also the world's largest space science fiction MMORPG.

"EVE Online" was launched in 2003. Players can explore more than 7,000 star systems within the game.


What is a PUG?

A pickup group, or PUG, is when you form a team with strangers who happen to be online instead of going on a raid or mission with your guildmates or friends.


What MMORPG is based on the tabletop game that inspired the first MUDs and MMORPGs?

"Dungeons & Dragons Online" is just part of a long heritage of MMORPGs and tabletop RPGs borrowing ideas from each other.


When the "Star Wars Galaxies" MMORPG was shut down in 2011, it was replaced by what game?

"Star Wars: The Old Republic" is set in the Legends timeline, formerly known as the Extended Universe.


What is the colloquial term for items dropped by mobs that have absolutely no in-game use other than being sold in bulk for some amount of in-game currency?

Luckily, the shopkeepers are required to take all the vendor trash you have to sell, whether it's mangy rat pelts or stacks of splintered wooden boards.


What is unique about the subscription system "Guild Wars" uses?

Both "Guild Wars" and "Guild Wars 2" have no subscription system. Purchasing the game for a one-time cost allows full, permanent access to the game.


What do the terms "glass cannon" and "squishy" typically refer to in an MMORPG?

Squishy can refer to any character who is easily damaged, while glass cannon specifically refers to characters with a high DPS but no ability to withstand attacks. Ranged attackers often fall into this category.


The popular "World of Warcraft" meme "Leeroy Jenkins" refers to doing what?

The meme has lost its punch over the years, but Leeroy Jenkins is still a great nickname for that player with no patience for planning, who'd rather run headlong to certain death.


What MMORPG is an improvement of an earlier, failed version and is the second MMORPG in a long-running fantasy series made by Square Enix?

"Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn" is a refinement of the failed "Final Fantasy XIV." "Final Fantasy XI" was the first MMORPG in the series.


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