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One of the problems with early mobile devices was the lack of printing ability. There are now many options available for mobile printing available on the market. Take this quiz to test your knowledge of mobile printing options.

What is one frustrating drawback associated with most hand-held devices?

Most of us are used to tiny keyboards and small screens, but a genuinely frustrating drawback is the lack of built-in print capability.


What is one common convenience that most laptop users have in their offices?

It is common for modern offices to have a wireless LAN that allows printing on a network printer from anywhere in the building. For example, you can dispatch print jobs from the cafeteria, conference room or another employee’s office.


To what does the generic term mobile printing refer?

Mobile printing refers to products and services that let people print documents when away from their network or local printer. With the proliferation of mobile devices, mobile printing is becoming popular.


What is 802.11 networking?

The technical standard of 802.11 networking is what we commonly know as Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi refers to communicating using radio waves instead of a wired connection.


How many components are required to make up a mobile printing setup?

There are three components required to make up a mobile printing option: a mobile device that can print documents, a wireless connection to a printer and a printer.


What advantage in the area of printing does a laptop have over most mobile devices?

A laptops operating system is designed to support printing tasks and has ample memory available to support complex printing tasks. Laptops also have hard drives to save documents on so your work is not lost due to a problem.


What do you most often require to support printing with a PDA or smart phone?

PDAs or smart phones often require purchasing and downloading additional software to support printing. The software has to process documents efficiently in order not to overwhelm a mobile devices memory.


What features does mobile print software have to incorporate to work on mobile devices?

Due to scaled down operating systems any print software must process and format documents as well as contain device drivers to control a range of printers.


What is PrintBoy software good for that other mobile print software does not support?

According to Bachmann Software and Services, their PrintBoy software is the only wireless printing solution available for Palm, PocketPC, Symbian UIQ and Series 60 handhelds and smart phones.


What mobile printing does PrintPocket CE software support?

According to Field Software, PrintPocket CE is a software wireless printing solution for Windows Mobile to print Word documents and excel spreadsheets. On WM5 and WM6 based systems, the software can print only in RTF format.


What is a common handicap to printing from most handheld devices?

The printed job does not always look like a normal word processor document. Software in handhelds will often simplify or even modify the document to facilitate printing.


What is another problem with printing from most mobile devices?

Most mobile devices take a long time to print a document. If you answer a smart phone call or SMS during printing, it will interrupt the print job.


What is PrintAnywhere service?

This program emails documents to a service that formats them into a fax that it then sends to any fax machine. The service is for Blackberry and Treo devices only and carries a monthly fee as well as a fee per page faxed.


What can be a great option for frequent travelers that need to print often?

Travelers that need to print often while on the road should consider investing in a portable or handheld printer. Portable printers are compact, lightweight, wireless and typically run on battery power.


Newer mobile devices can:

Most newer mobile devices can detect a wireless printer in the same way they detect a Wi-Fi signal or Bluetooth device. They also tend to allow users to maintain a list of frequently used printers to minimize searching.


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