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How safe is your iPhone for online banking or sensitive business transactions? Before you text your Social Security number to a new Facebook friend in Mongolia, take our mobile security quiz!

On March 2, 2011, Apple announced that it had sold how many iPhones since the product was released in 2007?

The overwhelming success of the iPhone -- more than 100 million sold since 2007 -- signaled a shift in the way consumers want to access information.


As of August 2011, which operating system owned the most market share in the smartphone sector?

The open-source Android platform, installed in multiple popular smartphone models, grabbed 36 percent of the market, with Apple trailing at 26 percent.


Which mobile operating system is considered the most vulnerable to mobile security threats?

As the market leader, Android is also the prime security target. Google's Android Market is a popular destination for malware.


If you choose the "erase data" option in your iPhone security settings, how many chances do you have to enter a correct passcode before the phone erases everything?

The 10 chances you're given to enter your passcode is an excellent way to protect sensitive data from thieves -- and a rotten way for your little brother to ruin your day.


True or False: The passcode lock is a default setting on the iPhone.

You can easily set the passcode lock preferences in the general settings menu -- no defaults necessary.


In 2011, the average mobile phone user spends a total of 74 minutes a day using a Web browser, either on their computer or on their phone. How many minutes a day do they spend using mobile Web apps?

This 81-minute average represents an almost 50 percent increase from 2010, showing that Web apps have redefined the mobile experience.


What do security experts call a malicious Web app that masquerades as a useful program?

Accidental downloads of malware constitute one of the biggest threats to mobile security.


How many Android users were infected by the DroidDream malware attack of 2011?

Malicious hackers uploaded the nasty software to the Android market in 80 bogus titles, affecting some 260,000 users.


True or False: Anyone can post an app to the Apple App Store.

The App Store is "curated," meaning that Apple employees test and approve every app that's posted in the store.


In the first 6 months of 2011, how many apps in the open-source Android Market were identified as malware in disguise?

The Android platform has become the favorite target for mobile hackers -- some 400 apps in the Android Market have been outed as malware.


What's the popular terminology for illegally listening in on an unencrypted WiFi network?

To elude WiFi sniffers, always use an encrypted network.


Mobile payments are a lucrative target for hackers. What is the projected annual total of mobile payment transactions by 2014?

In 2010, the total amount of mobile payment transactions was already $170 billion. By 2014, that figure will skyrocket to $600 billion.


What do you call an iPhone that has been hacked in such a way as to allow the user to download apps not approved by the App Store?

Jailbroken iPhones are particularly vulnerable to hackers.


The iPhone 4 requires a user to sync the phone with iTunes in order to receive the latest security patches. What percentage of iPhone users never sync their phone?

Half of all iPhone users never actually syncs their phones. The iPhone 5 will correct this security problem by updating security patches over the 3G network.


In mobile security parlance, what does "repackaging" mean?

Two recent malware attacks were launched through existing, approved applications that had been repackaged by hackers.


What's the popular term for malware that's automatically downloaded when a user clicks on an Internet ad?

A nasty malware app called GGTracker disguised itself as a harmless ad within an online game -- a practice known as malvertising.


What percentage of free iPhone apps have the ability to access your location based on GPS coordinates?

To download these apps, you must accept the user agreement. Some privacy advocates believe this type of access to personal information is dangerous.


One out of every ______ mobile device users will click on a phishing link every year.

A full 5 percent of all mobile users will click on a phishing link annually. Mobile users are particularly vulnerable to phishing scams because the full URL often isn't visible in mobile browsers.


Lost gadgets are so common that the mobile security service Lookout claims it locates a missing mobile device every _______.

Lookout claims to find a missing mobile device every five seconds. Which reminds me, where did I put my keys?


According to the American Bankers Association, what percentage of Americans prefer to do all of their banking online?

Nearly two-thirds of all Americans prefer to do their banking online. Do they even have bank tellers anymore?


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