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If you have unsightly ridges and hills in your yard, you may have a mole. The mole can ruin your garden by cutting off the root systems of your plants and grass. Take this quiz to learn more about the subversive mole.

Where is the mole's habitat?

Moles are underground creatures.


What sense is most important to moles?

The sense of touch is the most important sense for moles.


How well does the mole see in the dark underground tunnels that are its natural habitat?

The mole has very small eyes and is practically blind, so it must rely on its other senses.


What does the mole use the tip of its snout for?

The tip of the mole's snout is covered with tiny bumps that are sensitive to everything it touches, making up for the mole's poor eyesight.


What do moles use to dig a tunnel?

The mole starts the tunnel with its snout, and then uses its shovel-shaped clawed feet to dig out the dirt.


What do moles like to put in special storage places to eat in the future?

Moles like to store away juicy worms for a future late-night snack.


How much do moles eat?

Moles have a very high metabolism, and eat two to three times their body weight in a day.


What animals will a mole eat?

Moles like a tasty lizard or a mouse, now and again.


When do moles mate?

Moles mate during late winter or early spring.


How many mole babies are born from a pregnancy?

Three to seven babies may be born.


When do moles mature?

Moles mature at only 10 months old.


What is the lifespan of a mole?

Moles live four to five years.


How do moles spoil the appearance of gardens and golf courses?

Moles make unsightly ridges and mounds, disturbing the appearance of the lawn and in the case of golf courses, perhaps a game.


What is the skin of moles used for?

Mole skins are used to make beautiful, warm coats.


How many tentacle-like feelers does the star-nosed mole have on the end of its snout?

There are 22 feelers, and they are sensory organs are used to help the mole hunt for food.


How many species of moles are there?

There are 30 species of moles.


What is unusual about the golden mole?

It is not a mole, it just is suited to living underground like a mole.


Where does the mole sleep?

In the center of the tunnels, the mole creates a sleeping nest.


How can a mole destroy a garden?

Aside from the unattractive ridges and mounds that a mole can create, the root systems of grass and plants are also destroyed.


How long can a mole go without food?

Because moles have such high metabolisms, 10 to 12 hours is the maximum time a mole can go without.


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