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Think you know all there is to know about "Monsters, Inc." because you know Sulley's out of low tide-scented odorant? Find out how much you really know about monsters with blue fur, with one eye or with eight legs and a chameleonlike ability to hide.

What does the company Monsters Inc. provide?

Monsters Inc. is a power company.


And how has it traditionally generated power?

Monsters are employed to collect the screams of scared children.


As it turns out, what generated more power than screams?

Laughter turns out to be 10 times more powerful than screams.


Who voices the character Sulley?

John Goodman voices Sulley.


Who voices the character Mike Wazowski?

Billy Crystal voices the character Mike Wazowski.


What is Sulley's full name?

Sulley's just a nickname for James P. Sullivan.


Who is Sulley's work nemesis?

Randall Boggs and Sulley compete for who's the best at work.


Who is the top scarer on the Scare Floor?

Sulley is the top scarer at the company.


Who is Mike Wazowski's girlfriend?

Celia, voiced by Jennifer Tilly, is Mike's girlfriend.


What is Boo's nickname for Sulley?

Boo calls Sulley "Kitty."


Who is the voice behind Yoda, Cookie Monster and the character Fungus?

Frank Oz voices Fungus, but you'll recognize him from "Star Wars" and "Sesame Street."


Who says, "I need scarers who are confident, tenacious, tough, intimidating"?

Henry J. Waternoose tells his trainees this.


What's the company motto?

The company motto is "we scare because we care."


What does CDA stand for?

The Child Detection Agency removes children contaminants.


How many snakes make up Celia's hair?

Celia's hair is made up of five rattlesnakes.


Where is Monsters Inc. headquartered?

It's located in Monstropolis.


What time does Sulley wake up for work?

Sulley's alarm clock is set to wake him up at 6:05 a.m.


What's the name of the company play that's written by Mike Wazowski, who also produces, directs and stars in the show?

The company play is called "Put That Thing Back Where It Came From or So Help Me."


What is the name of the cafe, also seen on a license plate, in the movie?

Hidden City Cafe was a real cafe in Point Richmond, California.


What is the name of Randall and Henry J. Waternoose's machine?

Randall and Waternoose invented a Scare Extractor to generate more power from children.


What detail do nearly all the monsters in the movie share?

90 percent of the monsters in "Monsters, Inc." have the same tongue as Mike Wazowski.


Where are Sulley and Mike Wazowski banished to?

Waternoose banishes them to the Himalayas.


Who helps Sulley and Mike when they're banished?

The Abominable Snowman (Yeti) helps them.


What does code 23-19 refer to?

The company uses code 23-19 when an employee has been in contact with a human child.


What's the locker number in which Sulley hides Boo's toys?

Sulley puts Boo's toys in locker 193.


True or false: Mike Wazowski makes cameo appearances in "Cars," "Finding Nemo," "Toy Story 3" and "WALL-E."

Mike has cameos in these other Pixar movies.


Who is the restaurant where Mike Wazowski takes Celia for her birthday named for?

Harryhausen's is named for Ray Harryhausen, famous for stop-motion visual effects.


What's the origin of Abominable's reply, "Tough kids, sissy kids, kids who climb on rocks ..."?

The line comes from a vintage commercial for Armour hot dogs.


What's the special at the "grossery" store'?

Manglefruit is on special at the Monstropolis "grossery" store.


Which does Roz really work for?

Roz actually is CDA's No. 1 agent, working undercover at Monsters Inc.


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