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It may be cold outside, but Montreal's good cheer and passion for life will warm your heart. Montrealers have learned to take advantage of the short summers and pack lots in, but that doesn't mean winter is a quiet time -- they have developed the art of winter entertainment. Take our quiz and find your way around this warm hearted and tolerant city.

What attraction in Montreal is one of the largest in the world?

Montreal's Botanical Gardens is one of the largest in the world, with some 30 themed gardens.


How far is Montreal from the United States border?

Montreal is 45 miles away from the border. It is an island surrounded by the St. Lawrence border.


Who was the first European to climb Mont Royal?

Jacques Cartier was the first European to climb Mont Royal, for which Montreal is named.


How many feet is the city's welcoming beacon, the landmark cross?

The illuminated cross is 100 feet. It was erected in 1924 and updated in 1992, in memory of the cross that Paul de Chomedey de Maisonneuve erected as a thanksgiving to the Virgin Mary for saving the city from flooding in 1643.


What is the safety situation in Montreal?

The safety situation in Montreal is great; there are few neighborhoods where you shouldn't frequent at night.


What is Montreal's population?

Montreal is the second largest French speaking city in the world, with a population of 3.7 million.


How is temperature measured in Montreal?

Temperature is measured in Celsius. In the winter, temperatures can drop as low as -10 degrees Celsius (20 degrees Fahrenheit), with a wind chill factor making it feel even colder.


What is the average temperature in July ?

The average temperature in July is 79.3 degrees. Generally, summer temperatures range from 65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit (18 to 29 degrees Celsius).


What is the best way to get around Montreal?

The best way of getting around Montreal is by bike or foot, though there is an easy-to-follow and safe subway system that gets you quickly about town.


What is the speed limit on highways in Montreal?

The speed limits follow the metric system and so are in kilometers. On highways, the limit is 100 kph (60 mph).


What does a flashing green light signal?

A flashing green light signals that you can turn left. You may not turn right on a red.


How much does a one day tourist bus card cost?

A one day, unlimited use, tourist bus card costs $9. A three day card costs $18.


How much does a taxi ride in from the airport cost?

A taxi ride from the airport costs $35 to any point downtown. There is an inexpensive shuttle service that stops at a number of hotels on its way downtown.


How many insects does the Insectarium de Montreal house?

The Insectarium de Montreal, shaped like a stylized insect, houses 350,000 insects in six geographically themed areas.


Which museum is considered to be the best museum in town?

The Pointe-a-Calliere Museum of Archeology and History is known to be the best museum. It has housed exhibits like Japanese treasures, the Dead Sea scrolls and Jules Verne artifacts.


What does the Olympic Stadium rank as?

The Olympic Stadium, built for the 1976 Olympics, ranks as the place with the tallest inclined tower in the world; it looks as if it has just landed from outer space.


What happens to the Mont Royal Park during the winter?

During the summer, Monty Royal Park is great for hiking and biking; during the winter, for snow tubing, sledding and skiing.


When was the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts founded?

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is Canada's oldest museum; it was founded in 1860.


Which movies were filmed in the Redpath Museum?

Bamum and Eye of the Beholder were filmed in the neoclassic Redpath Museum.


Who is Crescent St. downtown most popular with?

Crescent St. downtown is popular during the year with English-speaking locals and tourists; come June and the Grand Prix, it's popular with everyone.


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