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Hey, it's cool — you can stop at anytime. But take just one more quiz. It won't kill you.

Before we get into some of the substances we can't get enough of, let's establish some things about addiction. What is happening to your brain when you take drugs?

Some drugs produce tons of dopamine, some activate nerves to fool the brain.


Dopamine is also present when:

Because dopamine is connected to pleasure, you're not just going to get it by doing heroin.


When you're abusing drugs, dopamine or dopamine receptors:

Thus, the drugs work less well.


What else happens when dopamine is decreased?

It's not just that the drugs work less well — you also have a harder time experiencing pleasure as the dopamine levels struggle to keep up.


Who is going to get addicted?

While environment and genetics probably contribute, scientists still can't determine who is at the most risk.


There has been some research that shows sugar:

A 2007 study said that rats preferred intensely sweet substances over cocaine.


A 2013 study argued that sex addiction was:

The study found that the individuals had high sex desire and not necessarily disordered hypersexuality.



Don't listen to peer pressure: marijuana, like all drugs, can lead to dependence.


Earlier marijuana use increases the chance of what?

If you begin using marijuana as a teen, you have a 1 in 6 chance of dependence compared to 1 in 9 for adults.


What other unfortunate side effect might occur in adulthood with earlier marijuana use?

Some research suggests that teen use of marijuana leads to lower IQ scores in later life.


K2 and spice are:

Note that synthetic cannaboids aren't the same as synthetic marijuana; they mimic the chemicals in marijuana but are not natural alternatives.


Opioid prescription medicine is prescribed for:

Opioids are powerful pain relievers.


More people in the U.S. die from opioid painkiller overdoses than:

Prescription opioid abuse and overdoses has become a serious health issue in the United States.


Adderall is a:

While Adderall works to focus those with ADHD, it's actually a stimulant.


Some depressants are also used (and abused) as:

While sleeping pills or painkillers such as Valium can be extremely beneficial, they also can be abused for their sedative effect.


Codeine and promethazine are ingredients in what?

It may be called by different names, but the combination of cough syrup and soda is addictive no matter what.


Alcohol addiction increases the risk of what cancer?

Drinking alcohol also increases the risk for breast and liver cancer.


In 2012, how many Americans 18 or older were diagnosed with an alcohol use disorder?

Alcohol use disorder is the medical diagnosis for severe problem drinking.


Methamphetamine use has been shown to:

The dopamine activity systems are so modified by meth that verbal learning and motor skills are damaged.


Anabolic steroids are often abused for:

Keep in mind that this kind of abuse often involves using steroids many times more powerful than doctors would prescribe.


Anabolic steroids:

But don't be fooled. . .


While they might not immediately affect you like other drugs, anabolic steroids will:

Again — using drugs just isn't a good idea.


Abusing steroids can also:

Hopefully that scares you.


"Bath salts" are a group of drugs that chemically simulate a stimulant found in what plant?

They're actually called "cathiones" and were marked as "bath salts" so law enforcement didn't suspect them.


A cocaine high is stronger if:

While snorting cocaine may produce a longer high, smoking presents a much stronger, quicker high — and thus will lead to more use.


Cocaine or crack can cause:

It can lead to heart attacks and strokes, but probably has spawned its fair share of nail-biting too.


Molly is the pure form of:

But beware that Molly is often just ecstasy, or ecstasy mixed with something else.


PCP is prescribed for:

PCP was once used as an anesthetic, but its side effects proved to be much too harmful and is no longer in use medically.


What drug causes one of every five deaths in the U.S. every year?

Seriously, tobacco is not something you want to dabble in.


Tobacco killed how many people in the 20th century?

Yeah, again — nicotine is no joke. Get away and stay away.


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