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The United States of America is made up of several states that run their own systems of governance, but of course, there is an overall governing body for the entire country as well. With a country as big as that, this kind of political system works.

Regarding its geography, America is such a vast land that not even Americans themselves have roamed around their entire country, let alone their entire subregion -- or even their own state, for that matter. You can only travel as much as you can, depending on what you do for a living anyway. It also costs a lot of money to go around and travel on a whim. Those who travel because their jobs require them to are such lucky ones! They can sightsee the various offerings of each state while doing their job! Cool, huh?

For the rest of us folks who don't have most of those luxuries, we can always find ways to have fun. So, for starters, let's play this game, shall we? Let's see if you know all of the capitals of the states. Ready for this? Go go go!

We all know that New York City is in New York state, but what’s the state capital?

Albany is the recognized state capital of New York. But it's not the largest city in the state, though; that would be NYC.


Super sunny California’s capital is which equally sunny city?

Sacramento is the state capital of California. Its nickname is Sactown.


What state has Tallahassee as its capital?

Tallahassee is the capital of Florida. Rhode Island's capital is Providence and Baton Rouge is the capital of Louisiana.


Baton Rouge is the state capital of which Mardi Gras-celebrating state?

The Pelican State of Louisiana cites Baton Rouge as its capital. But Mardi Gras happens in New Orleans.


If you’re saying hello from Honolulu, in which state are you?

If you like beaches, pineapples, and volcanoes, visit Hawaii. Their state capital is Honolulu.


In which of the following states will you find Trenton?

Trenton is the state capital of New Jersey. Meanwhile, Santa Fe and Concord are the state capitals of New Mexico and New Hampshire, respectively.


Contrary to popular belief, Las Vegas isn't the capital of Nevada, but this city is.

Carson City is a county. But it's also the capital city of desert-filled Nevada.


The cool city of Boston is the capital of which state?

Massachusetts' capital is Boston. It gets really cold there during winter!


Between Arkansas and Minnesota, where can you find Little Rock?

Little Rock is the state capital of Arkansas. Minnesota's capital is the vibrant city of St. Paul.


Where in the US of A is Springfield?

Springfield is the capital of Illinois. Nope, sorry, it's not Chicago.


The state of Oklahoma has this similar-sounding capital. What is it?

It's funny to have the state capital name similar to the state name. But that's the case with Oklahoma City, capital of Oklahoma.


Of North Carolina and North Dakota, where can you spot Bismarck?

North Dakota's capital is Bismarck. Raleigh is the capital of North Carolina.


What's the capital of the great state of Texas?

With so many cities from which to choose from in Texas, Austin is its capital.


What's the capital of Washington state?

Washington's capital is Olympia. But people might be more familiar with Seattle, due to the coffee for which it's known.


Between Idaho and Ohio, where will you find Columbus?

Idaho's capital is Boise. It's Ohio that cites its capital as Columbus.


Where can you find Atlanta?

Georgia's capital is Atlanta. It's such a media hub now, thanks to CNN whose headquarter is there.


Of Utah or Iowa, where do you find Des Moines?

Iowa has Des Moines as its state capital. Salt Lake City, Utah, is where the Mormons established themselves.


Alaska has which city as its capital?

Juneau is both a city and a borough. It's also the capital of Alaska.


Where is Helena, in Montana or Vermont?

Montana's state capital is Helena. Meanwhile, Vermont has Montpelier as its capital.


What's the capital of Oregon?

Salem is the capital of Oregon. Its nickname is The Cherry City.


Do you point to South Carolina or South Dakota if you want to go to Pierre?

You point to South Dakota if people ask for its capital, Pierre. You point them to South Carolina if they want to go to its capital of Columbia.


To which state should you travel if you want to see its capital of Topeka?

You travel to The Sunflower State if you want to see Topeka. That's in Kansas.


Augusta is the capital of which state?

Augusta is the state capital of Maine. Don't mistake it for the city with the same name in Georgia.


If you want to see Montgomery, do you head to Alabama or Nebraska?

Nebraska's capital is Lincoln. Therefore, you head over to Alabama if you want to reach the historic city of Montgomery.


What is Wyoming's capital?

Cheyenne is the capital of Wyoming.


Do you go to Pennsylvania or Arizona if you want to visit Phoenix?

Flying to Phoenix? You'll be landing in Arizona for that. Pennsylvania's capital is Harrisburg.


Where is Annapolis?

Annapolis is the recognized capital of Maryland. Baltimore is also there.


Between West Virginia or just Virginia, where do you find Richmond?

Virginia's capital is Richmond. It's West Virginia that has Charleston as its capital.


Frankfort is the capital of which state?

Frankfort is in Kentucky, and it's the state capital. There are also at least six more states with a city named Frankfort.


Of Michigan or Missouri, where do you find Lansing?

That would be Michigan. Missouri's capital is Jefferson City.


What is Indiana's capital?

Indianapolis is such a happening city, and it's got multicultural fun things to offer. It's not nicknamed as the "Crossroads of America" for nothing!


Is Nashville found in Tennessee​ or Mississippi?

Country music fans know that Nashville is located in Tennessee. The capital of Mississippi is Jackson.


Madison is the capital of which state?

Madison has a little more than 200,000 people, according to census takers. It's in Dane County in the state of Wisconsin.


If you find yourself in the capital city of Hartford, in which state are you in?

Hartford is in Connecticut. And so is Bridgeport.


Between Dover and Denver, which one is the capital of Delaware?

Dover is the capital of Delaware. Colorado's capital is Denver.


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