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Get the facts about shark attacks and you may feel less anxious in the water. Take this quiz to learn about the most dangerous sharks.

Of the 400 shark species alive today, how many have actually taken a bite out of a human?

About 30 of the 400 shark species have been involved in attacks on humans.


How fast can the shortfin mako swim?

The short fin has been recorded swimming at 20 miles per hour (32 kph), making it the fastest of the shark species.


Why should swimmers not be concerned about a shark attack by the shortfin mako?

The shortfin mako swims in very deep waters, so beach goers should not worry about an encounter with one.


What prey is the shortfin mako most interested in pursuing?

The shortfin mako prefers swordfish.


Who may the first to arrive to the scene of a shipwreck?

The oceanic whitetip shark may be the first to arrive, but it is not there to aid the victims.


Where can you get reliable information about shark attacks?

The International Shark Attack File is a reliable source, but even they admit their figures are not perfect.


What is a provoked shark attack?

Trying to interact with a shark while diving is an example of behavior that might provoke a shark attack.


What is one of the most plentiful large fish in the ocean?

The oceanic whitetip shark is one of most populous of the large fish species.


Which shark is known for eating pretty much anything?

The tiger shark does not have a discriminating appetite, and would be more likely to eat a human than other shark species.


Where did Australian police find evidence of a murder?

A tiger shark housed in an aquarium regurgitated a severed human arm. The arm had been severed by a knife, not the shark's razor sharp teeth.


Why should sea turtles fear the tiger shark?

The tiger shark's teeth are so sharp they can chomp through a sea turtle shell with out any effort.


How many fatalities are tiger sharks credited with?

Tiger sharks are credited with 28 fatalities.


Why should people fear the bull shark?

Bull sharks have been reported swimming in very shallow water depths where people frequent. They are very territorial and you could provoke a shark attack while frolicking in their surf.


Where do bull sharks live?

Bull sharks live in salt and fresh water.


How does the sand tiger shark deal with sibling rivalry?

The sand tiger shark eats its siblings while in the womb.


How does the Greenland shark avenge its own death?

The Greenland shark's flesh is poisonous when eaten.


Which shark is the most dangerous to people and boats?

The great white shark, star of the movie "Jaws", is the most dangerous shark.


Who is the author of the book "Jaws"?

Peter Benchley wrote the book, and he later admitted that the great white shark is not a killing machine as depicted in the movie.


What do great white sharks prefer to eat?

If given a menu, the great white shark would order up a meal of nice fatty seals or sea lions.


Where do great white sharks usually swim?

Great white sharks usually frequent deeper waters, so swimmers will most likely never encounter one; but surfers should be wary as their boards may look like a tasty seal to a juvenile great white shark.


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