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Lighthouses can be beautiful, romantic and prone to collapse. Learn about 10 lighthouses that are in danger of being lost forever. Take this quiz to learn more about the 10 most endangered lighthouses.

When was the first lighthouse erected?

The first lighthouse was erected by the ancient Egyptians around 285 B.C. This lighthouse was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and no longer stands today.


Where was the first U.S. lighthouse erected?

The first U.S. lighthouse was erected in Boston Harbor in 1716 and was destroyed 60 years later by the British army.


Why have lighthouses become obsolete?

Thanks to modern methods of communication, lighthouses are no longer needed to warn ships approaching shore.


During the Civil War, why was the Cape Romaine Lighthouse put out?

The lighthouse was put out to make the waters difficult to navigate for Yankee sailors.


What is the condition of the oldest lighthouse on Raccoon Key Island?

For such an old structure, it is in fairly good shape. The lighthouse was erected in 1858.


What destroyed the Nottawasaga lighthouse on the Georgian Bay of Lake Huron?

It was destroyed by lightning. The lighthouse was built in 1858 without a lightning rod.


How much money would it take to fully restore the Nottawasaga lighthouse?

Experts say $4.5 million is needed for the job.


How have some lighthouses been moved?

Some lighthouses have been picked up and moved by helicopter, and others lifted and rolled away to their new location.


Why is the Orfordness lighthouse in Suffolk, England at risk?

The sea has been eroding the base on which the lighthouse stands, and it must be moved before it is lost to the sea forever.


What has weakened the Capraia Lighthouse?

Frequent earthquakes have weakened the lighthouse.


When was the Capraia Lighthouse abandoned?

The lighthouse was abandoned in 1980, and since the island it sits on is uninhabited, no one may notice if and when it collapses.


What material is the Cap Lopez Lighthouse in Gabon constructed of?

The light house is made from cast-iron, and some claim Gustave Eiffel, known for the Eiffel Tower in Paris, built it.


What is threatening to topple the Troubridge Island Lighthouse?

The lighthouse has survived an earthquake and a fire, but erosion by the sea may destroy it.


What is being used to hold the sea back from the Troubridge Island Lighthouse?

Sandbags are being used to reinforce the foundation, but it is only a matter of time till the sea has its way.


Why is the Garapan Lighthouse safe from erosion?

The lighthouse sits on a hill.


How can you reach Isla Pinguino?

By boat or helicopter are the only ways to reach Isla Pinguino.


What lives on Isla Pinguino?

A large colony of penguins lives on the island.


What happens to the Galinhos Lighthouse at high tide?

At high tide, the lighthouse can be found standing in water.


What is the Kiipsaar Lighthouse known for?

The lighthouse is leaning, and very odd looking.


What may have caused the Kiipsaar Lighthouse to straighten up in 2008?

Leaning, and then later straightening, is further evidence of sand being washed away from under the lighthouse base.


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