Fact or Fiction: The World's Most Expensive Bathroom Fixtures

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Sure, a bubble bath can make your bathroom feel luxurious. But wouldn't an HDTV make it even nicer? Take a look at some of the most expensive and outrageous bathroom fixtures -- can you tell fact from fiction?

The Kallista hand-crafted Archeo Copper bathtub sells for $68,968.

Get ready to shell out nearly $70,000 for this copper tub with a Greek influence.


The Neorest 600 sells for slightly less than $3,000 dollars online. The only thing it does not do is flush itself.

Not only does your $3,000 buy you automatic flushing and toilet lid opening, but it also pays for an automatic air dryer for after the temperature-controlled wash.


The Red Diamond by Water Game Technologies in Italy fits two and features two HDTVs and a Swarovski crystal champagne holder. The price tag is $47,200.

At under $50,000, this is tub includes a gold-framed electronic control console.


The Idrolux L shower features tanning panels meant to imitate the morning sun. The multitasking shower costs $12,000.

The actual cost of the shower is $24,000. Idrolux says that the cool water from the shower against the tanning panels results in the best tan possible.


Myson, a towel warmer manufacturer, sells a multi-rail towel warmer that costs $3,910.

Don't worry, they also have a budget line of towel warmers.


Pietra Firma sold limited-edition, jeweled marble that held more than 1,000 diamonds, 2,400 pieces of mother of pearl, 500 pieces of back onyx and 400 pieces of abalone shell. It cost $1,000,000 per square meter.

Everything about the marble is completely true.


The Hang Fung Gold Tech Group in Hong Kong owns a 16-karat gold toilet.

The incredibly valuable 24-karat gold toilet is surely a nice safety net for the company.


The toilet built for the International Space Station cost $19 million.

Like the other bathroom fixtures, this $19 million out-of-this world toilet multitasks -- it can convert urine into water.


Renova sells designer white toilet paper for 5.21 Euros or $7.36.

Renova does not sell the classic white toilet paper. Its signature toilet paper is black


Kohler is working on an in-shower mechanism that will read your e-mail aloud. It'll cost $1,500.

People do read their e-mail in the bathroom, but there isn't an in-shower device … yet.


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