Most People Don't Know the Right Price Range for These Cars. Do You?

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Can you tell a $50,000 car from one that costs half that much? Know whether that used sedan you're thinking of picking up is worth the price on the sticker? Test your knowledge of car prices with this quiz!

Americans bought 17.6 million cars and trucks in 2017, and all that chrome and horsepower didn't come cheap. In fact, the average cost of a new car in the U.S. is just over $35,000, according to CNN. But have you ever wondered how many new car buyers got a good deal, versus how many got totally hosed? 

The average person only buys four or five cars in their entire lifetime. That means most people don't get a whole lot of practice at the whole car buying thing, which is a real shame considering the enormous costs involved. Those car dealers that buyers are pitted up against do the car buying dance every day, giving them a huge advantage when it comes to making the deal.

So how do you prepare yourself to purchase a vehicle, and minimize your chances of getting ripped off? Learning what cars are actually worth is a great way to start. After all, when it comes to buying a vehicle, knowledge really is power.

Think you can guess the price range of a vehicle from a single image? Take this quiz to test your car-buying IQ!

First launched in 2003 in the compact MPV market, the C-Max from Ford was the brand's first product that was solely hybrid. It features a luxury interior, spacious front seats and excellent driving and handling. In terms of economy, however, the numbers on the C-Max are not as impressive as its competitors. Over 100,000 of these vehicles have been sold in the US since 2012.

Available as both a sedan and hatchback, the current version of the Nissan Versa has been on sale in the United States since 2012. It is driven by a 1.6-liter gas engine which produces 107 brake horsepower. 650,000 have been sold domestically since 2012.

The Hyundai Accent was first seen as a North American model at the Montreal Motor Show in 2011. Only one powerplant option, a 1.6-liter gas engine, is available but there are various trim options. It has sold over 200,000 units in the last three years.

This mid-sized sedan was first produced in 2006. It quickly became one of their most popular models in the US with close to 1.4 million sold since 2012. The Fusion offers a range of models and configurations including a hybrid and fully electric model.

A famous Chevrolet brand for over 20 years, the Impala name was resurrected in 1997 and it is currently attached to a vehicle in the mid-sized vehicle class. The top of the line model comes with a 9-speed automatic gearbox paired with a 2000 cc turbocharged engine pushing out 250 brake horsepower.

Fairly popular in Europe, the Lexus GS is not a massive seller in the United States. The GS offers a beautiful interior and acres of space for both driver and passenger alike and has a number of standard features. Of course, cars from the luxury division of Toyota are not cheap with almost $40,000 price difference between the entry level and top of the range model.

This grand tourer model has been in production from Bentley since 2003. It is available both a 2-door fastback and coupe. The Continental is powered by a 6.0-liter twin turbo engine capable of producing up to 600 brake horsepower.

The Mazda 6 was first produced by the Japanese car maker in 2002. It first reached the US market in 2007 when the second generation model was released. Sales of the Atezna model logged over 100,000 units between 2014 and 2016 in the United States.

Another excellent offering from South Korea, the Kia Rio is now in its fourth generation. This subcompact car was first released in 2000. Currently, it is available as both a hatchback and a sedan. The Rio comes with a range of powerplants from a 1000 cc to 1600 cc gas engine and a 1400 cc turbodiesel. Globally, just over 445,000 models were sold in 2016.

With over 1 million vehicles sold in the United States since 2012, the Focus is one of Ford's most popular models. Interestingly, the Focus was originally introduced in European markets first in 1998 and only to the US from 2004 with the second generation.

This hybrid offering from Lexus is safe, reliable, spacious and offers a comfortable drive. The hybrid engine offers excellent gas mileage including 29 mpg in the city. Those numbers make it more economical in city driving than some vehicles are on the open road. The hybrid engine is no slouch either, producing 338 brake horsepower.

The Legacy is a 4-door sedan first released in 1989, originally in the compact car segment but now as part of the mid-sized segment. Not only does it offer all-wheel drive but it includes a boxer engine, which provides excellent power and improves handling as well.

Obviously, the Fiat 500 is not for everyone, but if you are single and want a sporty, flashy car, it might be for you. Base models have a very small engine while obviously cargo space is limited. As for passengers, well they will have to be happy to sit in a fairly confined space.

Lamborghini makes incredibly beautiful cars, and the Gallardo could be the best of all. Produced between 2003 and 2013, the second generation of this car is powered by a 5.2-liter V10. Lamborghini even released a convertible, the Spyder, with a fully automated soft top.

One of the finest sports cars on the planet, the Nissan GT-R is not only super fast but it handles incredibly! This is a real racer, so don't expect a daily driver here, unless you want to get to your destination quickly. The current generation GT-R was introduced in 2007 and is a follow up of the Skyline GT-R. It is powered by 3.8 L twin-turbo V6 engine.

Regarded as one of the best off-roaders ever produced by Jeep, the Wrangler's compact nature means it can often go where bigger off-roaders can’t. Those tucked away, tight trails – this is where the Wrangler will excel. It offers excellent tires, a six-speed gearbox with a 4:1 transfer case and an inline six engine capable of producing all the torque you will ever need.

There have been three generations of the Audi TT 2-door sports car since 1998. The TT is available as both a coupe and roadster and also includes an all-wheel-drive Quattro model.

For a vehicle with a drop top, the Buick Cascada has some impressive trunk space. It also offers a smooth ride that is relatively quiet, an important consideration in cars of this nature. Sadly, it lets itself down with a fairly bland interior while fuel economy is not the greatest. The 2018 Cascada now comes with a navigation system as standard.

A compact car from BMW, the 2 Series has a range of body styles including a coupe, active tourer and grand tourer. It was first introduced in 2010.

An all-electric vehicle, the Nissan Leaf went into production in 2010. Of course, perhaps the most important thing with such a car is how far it can go on one charge. Today, a full charged Leaf has a range of 107 miles with the larger 30 kWh battery. Perhaps more importantly, a flat battery can be charged to 80% within a mere 30 minutes. This is the best-selling electric car in the world.

Released in the compact car market in 1982, the Toyota Camry has changed over the years and since 1991, the vehicle has found itself in the mid-size car category. In that guise, the Camry has undergone facelifts on six separate occasions. It is an extremely popular model in the United States, selling over 2 million units in the last five years.

A popular car in the sub-compact segment, the Sonic from Chevrolet not only possesses excellent handling but is spacious and has ample cargo space. And of course, it is light on fuel offering around 28 mpg in city driving and up to 37 mpg on the open road.

The 2018 Acura is one of the cheapest vehicles in its class. It offers excellent fuel economy but performance-wise, it's not that impressive. The entry-level model also has the bare minimum in terms of accessories. Expect 35 mpg on the open road and around 25 mpg in the city.

Marketed in the large car segment, the Avalon regularly sells over 50,000 units a year in the United States. First produced in 1994, this is Toyota's largest sedan model in America.

This luxury cross-over was first marketed by Buick in 2007. For 10 years it competed in the full-sized segment but the 2018 model will drop to the compact segment. The Enclave has sold over 50,000 units each year for the past 5 years.

First launched in 1997, the Forester, a compact cross-over from Japanese car maker Subaru, is currently in its fourth generation. With seating for 5, impressive cargo space and above-average gas mileage figures, the Forester is not to be overlooked in the crossover segment.

The Atlas is German manufacturer Volkswagen's new full-sized SUV. Introduced in 2017, it is powered by either a 2.0 or 3.6-liter gas engine. The larger engine generates 276 brake horsepower.

The Mazda CX-5 compact crossover SUV is still in production after it was introduced in 2012. It is fairly popular in the United States, regularly selling over 100,000 units a year.

Introduced in 2002, the Pilot is a mid-sized cross-over vehicle. It is built on the same platform as the Acura MDX, Odyssey minivan and the Accord. Over 360,000 have been sold in the United States in the last three years.

This mid-sized cross-over SUV from Toyota was introduced in 2001. It is currently in its third generation and over 500,000 were sold in the United States since 2014.

Another model from Porsche as it branches out into other markets, the Macan is a 4-door compact luxury crossover first introduced in 2014. The top of the range model is driven by a 3.6-liter V6 twin-turbo engine through a 7-speed transmission.

A full-sized pickup truck first marketed in 2004 by Nissan, the Titan is powered by a 5.6 L VK56DE V8 engine and is only available in the US market.

Based on the Chevrolet Silverado, the GMC Canyon was introduced into the US auto market in 2003. It is currently in its third generation.

Part of Hyundai's luxury division, the G80 was first introduced in 2016. This 4-door luxury sedan offers eight different engine options and is a great alternative to the more established luxury car brands.

A luxury SUV, the Tesla Model X is an electric vehicle capable of traveling between 237 to 295 miles on a single charge depending on driving conditions. Sporting all-wheel drive and two motors, the top of the range P90D produces 193 kilowatts to the front tires and 375 kilowatts to the rear tires!

This Toyota pickup has been available in the United States since 1999. By producing the Tundra, Toyota became the first Japanese company to produce an American-sized pickup. It is available as a regular 2-door cab, 4-door double cab, and crewmax.

This minivan was introduced by Toyota in 1998. It is currently in its third generation, which has three engine options as well as either a six-speed or eight-speed transmission. The Sienna has sold 600,000 units in the United States since 2012.

The Impala marque has been used by Chevrolet since the 1950s. The current generation, the 10th, was introduced in 2013 and takes the form of a 4-door sedan. It has three powerplant options from 2.4 to 3.6-liter but only offers an automatic transmission. Over 650,000 units have been sold in the United States since 2012.

A popular station wagon produced by Swedish manufacturer Volvo, the S90 is a spacious, modern and offers many features as standard. It offers comfortable seating for five people and produces between 250 to 315 brake horsepower depending on the engine chosen. Gas mileage sees the S90 give around 22 mpg in the city and up to 34 mpg on longer trips.

Brilliant performance, a beautiful and refined interior, tons of features but below par gas mileage is what to expect from the 2018 Mercedes Benz E Class. This posh German manufacturer's vehicles are always superb, but of course that comes at a price higher than most other manufacturers in the segment. It remains extremely popular, despite the price, with over 100,000 units sold in the States in the last two years.

The Equus competed in the full-sized luxury class for manufacturer, Hyundai. It was built between 1999 and 2016 with the second generation featuring two limited editions as well as a limousine. The Equus is powered by a V8 engine which produces over 400 brake horsepower.

Subaru models are known for their incredible handling and the WRX is no different. This is thanks to the all-wheel-drive configuration found on this model. But it offers so much more, including a high-performance engine producing up to 300 brake horsepower as well as enough interior space and a comfortable ride. Over 100,000 of these high-performance cars have been sold in the United States since 2012.

The Passat features in the competitive mid-sized class and was first introduced by Volkswagen in 1973. It is currently in its eighth generation and offers spacious seating for five.

Acura is the luxury division of Honda. The TLX is a mid-sized luxury car and is well priced to compete against its rivals such as the Audi A6 and the Mercedes Benz E-Class. The TLX comes as both a front-wheel and all-wheel drive although it is let down by run-of-the-mill base engine option as well as having less cargo space than its rivals.

This 4-door mid-sized estate was first marketed by Korean manufacturer Kia in 2000. It is currently in its fourth generation and is a popular model in the United States with over 750,000 sold since 2012.

Introduced in 2003, the Mazda 3 is marketed in the compact car segment and has two models, a 4-door sedan or 5-door hatchback. It is currently in its third generation and is powered by a range of gas or diesel engines.

This two-door coupe, first produced in 2015, is a real looker. Engine options start with a 2-0 liter powerplant, but the top of the range RC is powered by a 5.0 L 2UR-GSE V8 engine.

This mid-engine, rear wheel sports car was first marketed by Alfa Romeo in 2014. It features as a 2-door coupe and roadster and is powered by a 1.75 - liter turbocharged engine which produces 237 brake horsepower. The 4C's top speed is 160 mph.

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