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Being the mother of the bride is definitely an exciting time, but you might be a little confused by all the wedding etiquette rules out there. Standards have loosened a bit over the years, but it's always helpful to know what they are.

If your daughter just got engaged and you haven't met her future in-laws yet, what does traditional etiquette dictate that you do?

Tradition says that the groom's parents should call the bride's parents and introduce themselves.


What's the most usual way to set up the parents' meeting now?

It's most common nowadays for the bride and groom to arrange their parents' first meeting.


True or False: If your daughter is having a really informal wedding, it's OK for you to wear white.

It's never a good idea to wear white to a wedding in which you are not the bride. Seriously. So unless your daughter specifically OKs it, don't do it.


True or False: The mother of the bride gets first dibs on dress color.

If you're following wedding protocol to a T, this is True. The mother of the bride gets to pick her dress first, and then the mother of the groom tries to pick something that's complementary. Most people take a more laid-back approach, though.


As the mother of the bride, which of these tasks will you probably NOT be responsible for?

The mother of the bride definitely gets the lion's share of the planning responsibilities, but the rehearsal dinner is not on your plate. The groom's family usually takes care of it.


Is the bride's family traditionally expected to pay for all wedding flowers?

Almost all, but not quite. Not everyone follows the rules so strictly anymore, but traditionally, the groom's family pays for the bride's bouquet, men's boutonnieres and corsages for moms and grandmothers.


Are you expected to pay for your daughter's lingerie?

We wonder if anyone actually follows this rule, but the bride's family is supposed to fund her trousseau, which includes lingerie and honeymoon clothes.


Who pays for the honeymoon?

The groom's family traditionally foots the honeymoon bill.


The groom's family has announced they'll be hosting an engagement party. Are they overstepping their bounds?

Technically, the bride's family has dibs on the first engagement party; you could protest, but it probably wouldn't win you too many friends.


Who pays for your daughter's wedding ring?

The groom's parents are expected to shell out for the bride's ring, and vice versa for the groom's ring.


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