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Rough-hewn animated characters with impossible-to-read faces and lips might soon be things of the past thanks to MotionScan, a new type of motion capture technology. Let's see how much you know about MotionScan.

How many frames per second, maximum, can the MotionScan system record?

At 30 frames per second, MotionScan's cameras catch every little facial tic from all angles.


What was the first production to use MotionScan animation technology?

Are you lying to me? L.A. Noire is a crime drama slash computer game that relies on detailed facial expressions to provide information to players.


With MotionScan, production teams can recreate the actor from how many angles, in terms of degrees?

The cameras are literally everywhere around the actor. That helps animators create detail from 360 degrees, whether it's above, below or behind the actor.


How many minutes of final footage can MotionScan capture in a single day?

Less than an hour is more than you think! With so many cameras involved, the system must process huge amounts of data.


In minutes, how much final animation footage can MotionScan create automatically every day?

Face the fact -- you missed that one, didn't you? But 20 minutes of intense, up-close facial animation goes a long way.


MotionScan is an advanced type of this.

Soon, it will do the same for your toes. MotionScan is a type of motion capture technology designed just for faces -- but eventually, it could be used for full-body shots, too.


MotionScan helps animators create ultra-realistic graphics in how many dimensions?

The digital Earth has been flat for a long time, but MotionScan could help change that trend. Humans see things in three dimensions, and that's the look that MotionScan goes for in order to provide as many visual cues as possible.


This is the major reason finance departments of game and film studios like the potential of MotionScan.

Cost overruns be gone! MotionScan's automation capabilities cut down on post-shoot polishing, meaning lower overall production costs.


Facial expressions are incredibly important to human communication. About how many expressions can people recognize?

It only takes one look to kill. And with 250,000 looks, you have an entire arsenal of facial weapons to deploy.


With some animation technologies, production teams have a hard time synchronizing these elements.

Say what? If a character's lips are out of sync with audio, viewers have a hard time understanding what's being said. MotionScan virtually eliminates these problems.


With MotionScan, game designers hoped to make L.A. Noire feel more like what?

Maybe one day you really will be Luke Skywalker. Many game makers aspire to create interactive films, which require realistic characters.


MotionScan deploys a complex system that includes how many cameras?

That's a lot of re-runs to sit through. MotionScan's 32 cameras capture an actor's face from every angle in order to give resulting animations the most realistic look possible.


How long does it take the MotionScan system to create a fully 3-D recording?

No hassle and no over-time! MotionScan syncs all camera angles and audio to provide animators with a complete 3-D framework on the fly.


In megapixels, how much resolution do each of MotionScan's cameras have?

High detail requires high definition, to the tune of 2 megapixels each. For video purposes, 2 megapixels is a massive amount of data.


The high level of detail that MotionScan provides makes it easy to do this.

Is that a malicious grin or a come-hither look? MotionScan makes reading facial expressions much easier.


Human facial muscles twist and contort in many ways. Exactly how many muscles are in our faces, anyway?

Don't poke your eye out trying to count them. Most people have about 19 facial muscles, although, surprisingly, the number varies from person to person.


Because MotionScan records every angle of the actor, these aspects of shooting can be changed in post-production. What are they?

There is no sunshine in a dark warehouse, right? Animators can change the quality and angle of light to match the mood of every scene.


MotionScan's technology could feasibly be used for what types of projects?

Is it a movie or a game? Both art forms might eventually use MotionScan or its offshoots to craft evermore detailed animated characters.


Body language drives human interaction. By percentage, approximately how much do we depend on body language to communicate?

I hear what you say, but more likely, I see what you say. Numbers vary, but more than half of our communication is through body language, and that percentage could be as high as 65 percent.


Some developers say MotionScan technology is so complicated that it will never be able to do this.

Sure, the Headless Horseman is cool and all. But detailed facial animation would work even better with nuanced, full-body shots, which MotionScan currently can't capture.


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