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Is it okay for a pet to ride on a motorcycle without a carrier? Take this quiz to learn what you need to know about traveling on a motorcycle with your pet.

What type of pet carrier is best for use on a motorcycle?

A sturdy, mountable pet carrier is the best option.


What should you avoid having on the inside of the pet carrier?

Avoid any sharp objects or screws on the inside of the pet carrier.


If motorcycling at low speeds, what kind of carrier may be acceptable?

At low speeds, such as during a parade, a carrier bag attached to the motorcycle may be acceptable. This type of carrier may give your pet some freedom of movement.


How important is the carrier's design?

It is important to put safety first. The coolest looking carrier may not be the safest.


What should you do if a sudden rainstorm occurs?

If you do not have appropriate rain gear for your pet, pull over and wait for the storm to pass.


How can you prepare your pet to tolerate a new carrier?

Take a few practice rides so you and your pet can get used to the new carrier.


Why may carriers that attach to your chest be a poor choice?

Animals may have too much freedom of movement with this type of carrier and interfere with your driving.


Which animal carrier may get too hot to handle?

A carrier which straps to your chest may get too hot and uncomfortable to wear.


Who should you consult with before taking your pet on a motorcycle ride?

Consult with your veterinarian about whether your pet is healthy enough for motorcycle travel.


What should you always have on hand when motorcycling with your dog?

Remember to bring a leash and bags to clean up pet waste.


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