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You have a motorcycle. It has wheels. And tires. Think that's the end? Nope. You're just getting started. With so many different types of tires and tire accessories available to bikers, you may find it hard to choose. So how much do you know about these important motorcycle parts? Take this quiz to find out!

What's commonly added to rubber compounds to make a tire stick to pavement in wet conditions?

If you plan to ride in the rain, spending a little extra for a silica-enhanced tire is likely worthwhile.


Which type of tire gets the best gas mileage?

The harder rubber of a touring tire is designed to roll straight with little resistance, giving you the best gas mileage.


Which type of tire is made from the softest rubber?

Once warm, a racing tire's soft rubber sticks tight to turns, keeping the bike and its rider from skidding.


What are the three numbers printed on the side of your tire in the format 120/70/R17?

These are your tire's basic dimensions -- width, aspect ratio and rim size. When replacing tires, it's a good idea to match these numbers.


What's one important thing to look for when buying totally boss alien skull valve stem caps?

Be sure to look for a rubber gasket. It's surprising how many replacement caps fail to keep air in and grime out of your tire.


Which of the following is a cheap way to add style to your wheels?

A simulator is a hubcap designed to give your stock wheel a custom, vintage or otherwise cool new look.


Which tires are designed for both street and off-road use?

Depending on exactly how much street and how much off-road use you're planning, you can get a dual-sport tire with the right percentages for your needs: for example, 20 percent off-road, 80 percent street.


For which off-road surface would you want deep tread and high pressure tires?

Choose these tires for a ride in a spongy forest. You'll need deep, hard lugs to dig deep in the goop for traction.


A tire warmer should bring your racing slick up to approximately what temperature, Fahrenheit?

Operating temperature for most slicks is around 200 degrees. A tire warmer should leave them just short of this temperature at about 170 degrees.


Compared to a touring tire, which of the following describes a sport touring tire?

A sport touring tire is designed to flip edge-to-edge and ride a little stickier -- thus giving it less stability and lower gas mileage.


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