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Think you're tablet savvy? Prove how much you know about the Motorola Xoom.

In the first half of 2011, which popular product was thought of as the benchmark tablet device?

Though the iPad was far from the first tablet device on the market, its quality and usability earned high ratings among reviewers, quickly vaulting it to the top in the tablet market.


What mobile operating system is installed on the Motorola Xoom?

While developing the Xoom, Motorola partnered with Google to create a tablet-optimized version of the Android OS.


True or False: Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) is an upgrade from Android 2.x used on many smartphones.

Google's developers went back to the drawing board for Android 3.0, aiming to create a new version of Android specificially engineered as a tablet operating system. It is a fork in the code rather than an upgrade from the previous version.


Between the Motorola Xoom and the Apple iPad, which has the higher resolution display?

The Motorola Xoom display is 1280 x 800 pixels with a resolution of 150 pixels per inch. The Apple iPad 2 display is 1024 x 768 pixels with a resolution of 132 pixels per inch.


What concern did most of the Motorola Xoom's early reviewers have about the tablet?

Though they praised the Motorola Xoom for its hardware and network performance, many techies cringed at its hefty price tag.


Which of the following was a possible reason consumers didn't want to rush out to purchase the Motorola Xoom the day it came out?

Some reviewers suspected that Motorola rushed the Xoom out the door in hopes to get ahead of the new Apple iPad 2. As a result, the operating system originally installed on the device didn't yet have the Adobe Flash support that would distinguish it from the iPad. Motorola released a software update a couple of weeks after the Xoom's debut (and the same day as the iPad 2 release) that included the much-anticipated Adobe Flash 10 Player.


Which company has produced a larger version of its own successful tablet running Android 3 like the Motorola Xoom?

The 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab was the company's first major player in the tablet market. With the release of Android 3, Samsung made a larger version comparable in size and features to the Motorola Xoom.


True or False: The Motorola Xoom is more expensive than a comparable Apple iPad.

Here come the numbers! The Motorola Xoom starts at $599, which includes 32 GB of storage space. Though the iPad starts at $499 for its 16 GB model, its 32 GB model is also $599. The 3G versions of the same tabels are $729 for the iPad and $799.99 for the Xoom, but the Xoom is the only one that's available for only $599 if you sign a two-year data service contract with its carrier (Verizon).


What mobile carrier currently offers 3G data service for the Motorola Xoom?

The 3G model of the Motorola Xoom is ready to connect to the Verizon network.


What high-definition (HD) video mode does the Motorola Xoom boast?

The Motorola Xoom has 720p HD recording and playback, and can send HD video over its external HDMI micro cable.


True or False: Motorola Xoom owners who purchased the tablet before it was ready for Verizon's 4G LTE network can easily upgrade just by sliding in a SIM card.

Though Motorola is offering the 4G LTE upgrade to Xoom owners for free, it requires shipping the Xoom to Motorola to perform the upgrade. Motorola states that Xoom users should expect the turn-around to be about six business days.


True or False: The Motorola Xoom includes a microSD card slot where users can add storage space beyond its built-in 32 GB.

Like several other Android-based tablets, one of the Xoom's advantages over the Apple iPad is the option to add more storage space or swap out storage modules. For the Xoom, that's a microSD card slot conveniently located on the side of the tablet.


Does the Motorola Xoom include a digital camera?

The Xoom's back-facing camera can help you capture good quality photos, and its front-facing camera is great for video chats with friends.


How much memory and storage does the Motorola Xoom have under its hood?

The Motorola Xoom has 1 GB of memory supporting the work of its 1 GHz dual-core processor, and it has 32 GB of built-in storage space. You can add a microSD card for more storage, too.


What is the nickname used for the Android 3.0 mobile operating system which was first available on the Motorola Xoom?

Android 3.0, also known as Honeycomb, was rebuilt from the ground-up to be an ideal operating system for tablets.


Between the Motorola Xoom and the Apple iPad, which has more processing power?

Both the Motorola Xoom and the Apple iPad have 1 GHz dual-core processors. They do differ in the memory supporting their processors, though: the Xoom has 1 GB and the iPad has 512 MB.


What software company did Motorola collaborate with while developing the Xoom?

Google, the brains behind the Android mobile operating system, developed a tablet-optimized version of Android for use in tablets like the Xoom. The Xoom was the first tablet to feature the new Android 3.0 OS.


True or False: The Motorola Xoom includes an accelerometer, gyroscope and barometer.

Though many tablets, like their smartphone counterparts, include accelerometers and gyroscopes, few sport a built-in barometer to measure air pressure.


True of False: The original Motorola Xoom comes in different styles and colors.

Though you can purchase covers and other accessories for the Xoom to add some color, the original Xoom is only available in black.


What kinds of external cable ports does the Motorola Xoom have?

You can connect your Motorola Xoom to a PC or external display (monitor or TV) with the commonly used USB and HDMI standards.


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