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Mount Rainier National Park is a beautiful natural wonder, arguably one of the most spectacular in the entire U.S. Recreational activities are in abundance there -- it's only a question of when to go and how long you want to spend there. Take this quiz to learn more about visiting Mount Rainier National Park.

Where is Mount Rainier National Park located?

Mount Rainier National Park is located in central Washington State, 50 miles (80 kilometers) from Tacoma.


Which of these statements is true?

Mount Rainier, the centerpiece of the Mount Rainier National Park, is one of several volcanoes in the Cascade Range.


When is the Longmire Museum open?

This museum is open every day, whereas other visitor centers in Mount Rainier National Park are open seasonally.


Mount Rainier boasts _____ campgrounds.

It boasts six campgrounds altogether, one of which -- Sunshine Point Campground -- is open all year round.


What animals might you see at Mount Rainier National Park?

You're likely to see black bears, beavers, mountain goats and even black-tailed deer.


What accounts for the very tall western red cedar trees in the area?

The western red cedar trees owe their towering height to the abundant rainfall in the area -- about 100 inches (2.5 meters) a year.


Why don't people usually visit Mount Rainier in the winter?

Mount Rainier is covered with deep snow in the winter and for this reason people usually go in the summer months.


You can sometimes see Mount Rainier's snow-capped peak more than 100 miles (160 kilometers) away. What does this depend on?

It depends on the weather conditions. If the area is cloud-covered or misty, you obviously won't be able to see the peak from afar.


What is the source of Mount Rainier's fields of vibrant color?

The mountain has fields and fields of beautiful wildflowers that burst into bloom during the late spring and summer.


How old are the trees in Mount Rainier's forests?

Some trees are more than 1,000 years old. That's a lot of tree rings to count!


What food do marmots and pikas hoard for the winter?

They hoard dried grass to tide them through the winter.


What makes Emmons Glacier on the north side of Mount Rainier unique?

Emmons Glacier is unique in two ways. It is both the largest and lowest-altitude glacier in the continental U.S.


Which of these waterfalls can be found at Mount Rainier National Park?

Christine Falls is in the park, one of many beautiful falls located there.


It is said that the ascent to the summit of Mount Rainier takes two days. Is this true?

Yes, it does indeed take an average of two days to climb to the summit.


When was the most recent volcanic eruption?

It took place at the end of the 19th century, the last in a series of eruptions that occurred over a few decades.


Mount Rainier was forged by _____ and shaped by _____.

Mount Rainier was forged by fire (volcanic eruptions) and shaped by ice (glaciers).


What happened to Mount Rainier's original top?

Scientists used to think it was destroyed in a great eruption, but now they believe that it was lost in a huge mud flow.


Who referred to Mount Rainier as "a noble beacon of fire"?

It was naturalist John Muir who referred to Mount Rainier as the noblest of mountain fire beacons.


At some 16,000 feet (4,876 meters), Mount Rainier towers over its mountain neighbors. How high are they?

They are about 6,000 feet (1,828 meters) high.


May you go backpacking in the national park?

Yes, you may, but you need to secure a permit first.


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