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Mountain biking is an extreme sport, because it is not for the faint of heart. Enthusiasts have numerous new gadgets available to make mountain biking more fun and more safe. Take this quiz to learn more about mountain bike accessories.

Why is mountain biking a great form of exercise?

Mountain biking increases your body's endurance and strength.


How can you mountain bike in remote areas?

Mountain bikers don't need trails -- they make them.


Why is mountain biking considered to be an extreme sport?

It's an extreme sport, because there is risk involved.


Why should you buy bicycle shorts for your gender?

Bicycle shorts have padding designs specific for men or women -- the pads are in different places.


How do mountain bikers hydrate?

Mountain bikers should not take their hands off the handlebars to reach for a water bottle. Using a hydration backpack and system is the safer way to bike.


Where does the biker wear the hydration backpack?

The hydration backpack may be worn under or over a shirt.


How much water will the hydration backpack hold?

Usually the hydration packs will hold three liters of water.


How can a mountain biker drink water without using hands?

A water tube is attached to the water-bag so the biker can use his hands to hang on.


What kind of wristwatch is a good choice for a mountain biker?

Wristwatches that come with a GPS are a useful gadget for mountain bikers.


What kind of soles do high performance biking shoes have?

High performance biking shoes have carbon fiber soles -- the better to hold on with.


What material is five times stronger than steel?

Kevlar is a synthetic material and is five times stronger than steel. That's why it is used for bulletproof vests.


What kind of bike tire may withstand riding over broken glass?

Tires made from Kevlar may withstand riding over broken glass and other trail hazards. With Kevlar tires, bikers can ride with confidence of fewer blowouts than with other tire materials.


What should a mountain biker never leave home without?

A tire repair kit is a must. Even Kevlar tires occasionally go flat.


How many calories does a 145-pound (66 kilo) rider burn in an hour of mountain biking?

A 145-pound rider can burn around 560 calories in an hour, so bring along some snacks.


What is the minimum you should expect to spend on a bike helmet?

Don’t leave home without one. A good bike helmet starts at around $75.


What kind of bike helmet protects the biker's entire face?

For full facial protection, buy a closed-face helmet.


Why do some mountain bikers prefer an open-face bike helmet?

Open face helmets do not limit peripheral vision or range of motion as closed face helmets can.


Which finger of mountain-biking gloves has extra padding?

There is extra padding in the thumb.


If you often ride later than expected, what extra device should you purchase?

LED bike lights (powered by small battery packs) are important for night riding.


What about the rest of your body -- how do you protect your arms and legs?

There are pads and protective devices for all of your body, including your arms and legs.


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