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Mountain biking has grown in popularity since the 1970s. Trails for all levels of skill are available and can be beautiful and exhilarating. Take this quiz to learn more about discovering mountain bike trails.

When did mountain biking start to grow as a sport?

Mountain biking really began to take off as a sport in the 1970s.


What mountain biking group was formed in 1988?

The International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) was started up in 1988.


When was mountain biking added as an Olympic sporting event?

In 1996, mountain biking was included in the Atlanta Olympics. The 2012 event will be held in London and mountain biking is on the schedule.


Which mountain biking group has made significant contributions of time to trail work projects?

IMBA members have donated a million hours for work on trail projects.


How do you determine whether you can handle a trail?

The IMBA has a trail rating system, there are also mountain biking guide books and Web sites have valuable information.


What is the rating for the most challenging trail?

If a trail is rated a double black diamond, you should have major skills before attempting this ride.


What type of trail is fun for those who like to speed?

Downhill tracks are the most fun for those who like to ride fast.


How should you prepare for a ride?

It is important to study the trail map before you set out.


When preparing for a longer cross-country mountain bike outing, what item should you leave at home?

Leave the perishable food at home but don't forget your map, compass, food, water, first aid kit, lighting and rain gear.


What skill do you need to mountain bike?

You will need to know how to read a map, repair your bike and help maintain the trail.


What trail will be a long ride?

If you want to take a long ride, try a cross-country trail.


What is judged during observed trials?

Riders are judged by their skill and technique to maneuver through mud, rocks and water without reaching out for balance or putting down a foot.


Who does the majority of the trail maintenance?

Volunteers do the majority of trail maintenance.


What does basic trail maintenance include?

Basic trail maintenance includes cutting back tree limbs, clearing debris from storms, and repairing ruts and ditches.


How long are competitive cross-country trails?

Long competitive cross-country trails are 16 to 28 miles (26-45 kilometers) long.


Why do people love mountain bike riding?

Some love mountain bike riding for the challenge and others for the shear fun of it.


What is the grade of a trail?

Grade is the slope of a trail and the preference for different grades differs among cyclists.


Who can access a single-track trail?

Single track trails are accessible to bicycle riders and hikers, only.


How are trails rated?

Trails are rated based on tread surface, grade, width, obstacles and technical trail features.


Who builds the trails?

Biking enthusiasts and professional construction workers build the trails.


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