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They may look like monsters, but the members of the Munster family weren't that different from other sitcom families of the day. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of the spooky sitcom!

What year did "The Munsters" premiere?

The spooky series hit the airwaves on Sept. 24, 1964, the same week as "The Addams Family."


How many seasons did the series run?

The show ran for 72 episodes over two seasons, but it lived on in TV movies and reboots long after it was canceled.


What street does the family live on?

The Munsters reside at 1313 Mockingbird Lane in the town of Mockingbird Heights.


What is the name of the family patriarch?

Fred Gwynne plays Herman Munster, who bore a close resemblance to the classic Frankenstein movie monster.


What is the name of Herman's wife?

Yvonne De Carlo played the Bride of Frankenstein-esque Lily Munster.


What kind of creature was young Eddie Munster?

Butch Patrick played Eddie, a young werewolf with pointed ears like his mother.


Who was the "plainest" member of the Munster family?

Poor Marilyn was often pitied by the family for her plain looks.


Who played the batty Grandpa Munster?

Al Lewis played the vampire Grandpa Munster, who often slept suspended from the ceiling like a bat.


What show did Fred Gwynne and Al Lewis star on before reuniting for "The Munsters"?

The pair played Officers Muldoon and Schnauser on "Car 54" before playing family members on "The Munsters."


What was Lily's name originally supposed to be?

In early pilots, Lily was known as Phoebe, and the role was played by Joan Marshall.


True or false: Herman Munster has a twin brother.

During season one, Herman's twin brother Charlie visits the family and tries to swindle them out of money.


What kind of creature is Lily's brother?

The vampire Lily is visited by her brother, the Wolf Man, in a season one episode.


What is Eddie's unwanted nickname at school?

After the kids at school start calling Eddie "Shorty," Grandpa gets to work on a potion to help the child grow.


What kind of car body was used to create the Munster Koach?

The classic car, with its blood red interior, was built using the bodies of three Ford Model T's.


Where does Herman work?

Herman works various jobs at the Gateman, Goodbury and Graves funeral home.


What side job do Herman and Lily take on to buy gifts for their 100th anniversary?

They get jobs as welders at a shipyard but don't recognize each other behind their welding masks.


What objects gives Herman amnesia?

A falling safe lands Herman in the hospital with amnesia, and Lily must adopt him to get him released.


Who lives under the stairs in the Munster household?

Eddie's fire-breathing pet, Spot, resides in an understair lair.


What happens when Herman is struck by a lightning bolt?

A stray lightning bolt from one of Grandpa's experiments turns Herman from a monster to normal — much to his dismay.


What does Lily do with the inheritance from Cousin Wolverine?

While Herman and Grandpa use the money to create crazy inventions, Lily and Marilyn use the windfall to open a beauty shop.


What is the name of Herman's slightly less-civilized cousin?

When Dr. Frankenstein IV comes to town, he brings Herman's monstrous cousin Johann, who promptly goes on a rampage.


What is in the Munsters' basement?

Grandpa loves to work in his basement laboratory, where he comes up with wacky inventions and questionable potions.


What is the name of the family's pet bat?

Grandpa Munster is the proud owner of a Transylvania-born bat named Igor.


What kind of pet bird hangs around the Munster house?

The family owns a pet raven whose favorite word is "nevermore." The bird was sometimes voiced by Mel Blanc.


What is the name of the family doctor?

Dr. Dudley can't see a thing without his glasses, which may explain why he doesn't notice anything strange about the Munster family.


What is the name of Herman's boss?

Herman works for Mr. Gateman, who is played by John Carradine.


Which of Herman's co-workers loves to play tricks on him?

Clyde Thornton, played by Chet Stratton, pranks Herman mercilessly until the monster puts him in his place.


What is DRAG-U-LA?

In the episode "Hot Rod Herman," Grandpa builds a drag strip car he christens DRAG-U-LA.


What year was the series rebooted as "The Munsters Today"?

After a failed experiment in Grandpa's lab, the family went off the air until 1988, when the series was brought back for 72 new episodes.


Who played Herman in the 2012 reboot "Mockingbird Lane"?

The reboot, which starred Jerry O' Connell as Herman, aired as a Halloween special, but the series was never picked up.


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