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She was a top-notch journalist who wasn't afraid to take on tough issues, from single motherhood to serious illnesses. "Murphy Brown" entertained and educated fans for more than a decade. Take our quiz to see how much you remember about the show.

What show does Murphy Brown work on?

Brown serves as co-anchor on the fictional TV newsmagazine FYI for the duration of the series.


What was Murphy up to right before the events in the pilot episode?

When the show opens, Murphy Brown is back to work after a month-long stretch at the Betty Ford clinic to treat her alcoholism.


Who took Brown's spot during her time in rehab?

Former Miss America Corky Sherwood stepped in during Murphy's rehab stint, but Corky was so popular with viewers that the network kept her on after Brown returned.


Who served as Brown's co-anchor on "FYI"?

The ultraserious Jim Dial sits in the anchor chair opposite Murphy Brown.


What is the name of Brown's best friend on the show?

Hard-luck investigative reporter Frank Fontana, played by Joe Regalbuto, is Brown's best bud.


What is the name of the young producer hired to helm the show while Brown is in rehab?

The young Miles Silverberg has to work to win Brown's respect as producer at "FYI."


What phrase are you most likely to hear at Phil's bar?

Murphy and the gang are regulars at Phil's, where the phrase "close the door!" is a common utterance.


Where is "Murphy Brown" set?

"Murphy Brown" takes place in Washington, giving the characters a bird's-eye view of the world of politics.


What is Eldin's job on the show?

Eldin Bernecky, played by Robert Pastorelli, is hired to paint Murphy's house and ends up sticking around for six years.


What is the name of Murphy's son?

Murphy becomes a symbol of single motherhood when she delivers a son named Avery during season four.


Who is Avery's father?

Murphy's ex-husband Jake Lowenstein is Avery's father but isn't willing to settle down and help raise his son.


What politician claimed that "Murphy Brown" was an insult to moral values?

Quayle found himself in the hot seat when he claimed that the show was "mocking the importance of fathers" by depicting a single mother.


What disease does Murphy fight during the show's final season?

Brown fights and beats breast cancer during the final season of the show.


What role did Candice Bergen's husband play when he guest starred on the show?

Bergen's film director husband played a director who hires Murphy for a part.


Which actress replaced Miles as producer of "FYI" for the show's final two seasons?

Tomlin played Kay Carter-Shepley, who replaced the young Miles at the helm of "FYI."


True or false: Murphy formed a strong bond with her loyal secretary over the course of the series.

In one of the show's best-known gags, Murphy went through more than 90 different secretaries over the course of the series, including one who resembled Hitler.


What show was featured in a "Murphy Brown" crossover?

In a crossover with "The Bob Newhart Show," Murphy finally got a competent secretary in the form of Carol Kester Bondurant, but she lost Carol after a bidding war.


What year did "Murphy Brown" premiere?

"Murphy Brown" first hit the airwaves on Nov. 14, 1988, and ran until 1998.


How many seasons did the show run?

"Murphy Brown" ran for 247 episodes over 10 seasons.


True or false: Despite its popularity, the show NEVER picked up a single Emmy.

"Murphy Brown" was a smash hit at the Emmys, earning 62 nominations and 18 Emmy wins over its 10-season run.


What actress played Corky Sherwood on the show?

Ford starred as the ditzy-yet-lovable Corky Sherwood on 247 episodes of "Murphy Brown."


Who played co-anchor Jim Dial?

Kimbrough played the straitlaced Jim Dial for the duration of the series.


What role did Pat Corley play?

Actor Pat Corley played Phil, the bar owner who claimed to know every secret in Washington, including the identity of Deep Throat.


What was the name of Corky's husband?

Corky married Will Forrest and was horrified to discover that her new name was Corky Sherwood-Forrest.


What type of projects did Kay work on before coming to "FYI"?

Kay had a background in game show production and caused a rift among the "FYI" cast when she tried to change things up on the set.


Who sang at Avery's first birthday party?

Frank hired Barry Manilow to serenade young Avery at his very first birthday party.


What was the name of the stage manager on "FYI"?

Actor John Hostetter played the always-calm stage manager John on 62 episodes of "Murphy Brown."


What song did Murphy sing in the show's finale?

Brown sang Aretha Franklin's "Natural Woman" in the pilot and the finale of "Murphy Brown."


Who played Brown's secretary in the final episode of the show?

Midler played yet another terrible secretary, the 93rd such assistant to appear on the show.


Who does Murphy Brown interview in the final episode?

In the final episode, Brown interviews God and Mike Wallace, her idol.


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