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The latest My Little Pony incarnation has attracted a new generation of fans, as well as those '80s kids who never gave up on their favorite horses. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of everything from the "Friendship Is Magic" series.

Who is the primary pony protagonist in Equestria?

An alicorn (a unicorn with wings) named Twilight Sparkle leads the Mane Six on their adventures in Equestria.


Which of these special gifts does Fluttershy have?

The shy Fluttershy has a way with animals, especially her pet bunny Angel.


Which of the Mane Six is a southern farm girl at heart?

As a resident of the Sweet Apple Acres orchard, Applejack gets to embrace her love of the rural life.


Which pony dreams of joining the Wonderbolts?

Rainbow Dash dreams of joining a famous aerobatics team known as the Wonderbolts.


Who is the most fashionable of the Mane Six?

Rarity shares her fashion sense with visitors to the Carousel Boutique, which she runs.


Where does Pinkie Pie live?

Pinkie Pie is a resident party planner at the Sugarcube Bakery. In addition to her planning skills, the all-pink pony has an uncanny knack for predicting the future.


Who is Twilight's mentor?

Twilight is a protegee of Princess Celestia, who tasks Twilight with studying the magical pony powers of Equestria.


Where does Twilight Sparkle reside?

To help her in her magical studies, Twilight Sparkle takes up residence in the Golden Oak Library.


What kind of creature is Twilight's assistant, Spike?

Twilight's dragon assistant helps her in her studies and spends his spare time lusting after Rarity.


What kind of animal does Twilight Sparkle have as a pet?

Twilight has a pet owl named Owlowiscious, pronounced like Aloysius.


What are those designs sported on each pony's flank called?

Each pony sports a cutie mark, and those who have yet to earn their mark may be referred to as blank flanks.


How do the ponies defeat Discord?

The gang defeats the dragon-pony hybrid Discord by using the elements of harmony to turn the villain to stone.


What is the capital of Equestria?

Canterlot, birthplace of Twilight Sparkle, is the capital of Equestria.


Which of these ponies hails from Cloudsdale?

Cloudsdale is a mobile weather factory and is home to Pegasus ponies like Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy.


What group of pony villains is led by Queen Chrysalis?

Queen Chrysalis leads the changelings, shape-shifting ponies who feed off of friendship and love.


What is the name of the evil centaur who stirs up trouble in Equestria?

The centaur Lord Tirek counts Discord among his henchman as he tries to rob the ponies of their magic.


What is Starlight Glimmer's ultimate goal?

Starlight Glimmer believes that by eliminating all cutie marks, she can ensure equality for all ponies.


Which of these ponies is known for her magic skills?

Trixie is not only a skilled magician, but also the lead singer of Trixie and the Illusions.


What is the name of Rarity's pet cat?

Rarity's feline companion is called Opal, short for Opalescence.


What is Twilight Sparkle's element of harmony?

Twilight Sparkle's element of harmony — the artifact that allows her to protect Equestria from evil — is magic, which is generated as a result of the other five members of the Mane Six.


True or false: Fluttershy's element of harmony is kindness.

Fluttershy, who has a cutie mark of butterflies, has kindness as her element of harmony.


What is Applejack's element of harmony?

Applejack contributes honesty and has apples as her cutie mark.


What kind of pony is Rainbow Dash?

Rainbow Dash, who has lightning bolts as her cutie mark and loyalty as her element of harmony, is a Pegasus pony.


What is Rarity's cutie mark?

Rarity has diamonds as her cutie mark, and her element of harmony is generosity.


What is Pinkie Pie's element of harmony?

Pinkie Pie's element of harmony is laughter, and she has three balloons as her cutie mark.


Which pony has a pet tortoise?

Rainbow Dash has a pet tortoise named Tank. He was a gift from the animal-loving Fluttershy.


What year did "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" premiere?

The series launched in 2010. By October 2016, more than 143 episodes had aired.


True or false: The series has its own spinoffs.

In the "Equestria Girls" spinoff films and books, the ponies transform into humans after traveling through a magic mirror.


Who steals Twilight Sparkle's crown, resulting in the pony's human transformation?

Pony villain Sunset Shimmer steals Twilight's crown, which goes through a magic mirror and marks the start of the Equestria Girls.


Who's the coolest guy at Canterlot High?

Flash Sentry is not only the coolest guy at school, but also a member of a band called the Flash Drives.


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