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MySpace is generally considered the first major social networking success. But then a competitor site by the name of Facebook came along. What do you know about the rise and (some say) fall of MySpace?

Who founded MySpace?

Chris DeWolfe officially launched MySpace in 2004, where he remained CEO until April 2009.


Who is the first personality MySpace users automatically befriend upon joining the site?

"Tom," or MySpace co-founder Tom Anderson, is everyone's first friend on MySpace.


What company eventually created MySpace after purchasing a DeWolfe-owned company?

The marketing and entertainment company eUniverse, now known as Intermix Media, purchased ResponseBase in 2002.


On MySpace, what are "moods"?

Moods are simply emoticons that MySpace members post to express what they might be feeling at a certain time.


Which company acquired MySpace in 2006?

News Corp., headed by Rupert Murdoch, bought MySpace in 2006 for $580 million, a huge figure at the time.


Which of these markup languages do MySpace members typically NOT use to customize their profiles?

MySpace members mainly use HTML and CSS to change the appearance of their profiles, but the site doesn't allow JavaScript.


What service did MySpace add to its site in June 2007?

In an effort to compete with YouTube, MySpace added a video service called MySpace TV, an independent site where users could add and share video content.


What part of MySpace will Web surfers access if they go to

Enter that URL and you'll descend upon MySpace Karaoke, a section of the site where users can upload audio and video recordings of themselves singing their favorite tunes.


Which of these artists is best known for getting her boost from her MySpace page?

Lily Allen's popularity soared when she started posting demos of her songs on her MySpace account. Her debut album, "Alright, Still," went on to sell more than 2 million copies worldwide.


When did Facebook surpass MySpace in unique visitors?

According to, Facebook gained more unique visitors than MySpace in December 2008.


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