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All over the world there are mysterious monuments from ancient times that conjure up many weird and wonderful theories about who built them and for what purpose. For that matter, future archeologists may ponder how the Brooklyn Bridge was constructed using the primitive technologies available at the time. Join us in a journey to the past by taking this quiz.

How did early European explorers describe Easter Island?

They called it a wasteland with no trees or shrubs.


What is the special characteristic of this island?

There are about 1,000 monolithic human statues.


How heavy are the moai?

They weigh up to 86 tons.


What is it that puzzles visitors?

Visitors wonder how the inhabitants could have erected these huge sculptures without materials for rope or lumber.


Why did the islanders build these statues?

It is believed they were simply status symbols and the race to one-up their competitors ultimately led to their annihilation.


What was one of the world's largest cities in 600 A.D.?

Teotihuacán in Mexico is believed to have housed some 200,000 inhabitants.


What is name given to the massive central boulevard?

It is known as the Avenue of the Dead.


What do archeologists know about the builders of this city?

There are no royal tombs or artwork to supply clues about the original builders and inhabitants.


Why was the city abandoned?

Constant bloody conflicts and repeated sackings and burnings led to it being abandoned.


The name of the city is an Aztec word. What does it mean?

It means "place where men become gods".


What was the purpose of Machu Picchu?

It was a summer resort for the Inca king.


When was it discovered?

American explorer Hiram Bingham discovered it in 1911 and today it is the most-visited tourist attraction in Peru.


How many residents were there during the summer?

During the summer there were up to 750 residents.


Why is this city considered an architectural marvel?

It was built from interlocking walls of smooth polished stones without mortar.


What secret did the Incas take to their graves?

Exactly how they managed to hoist 20-ton stones up the steep mountain cliffs without wheels remains a mystery.


What was found while clearing the Costa Rican jungle for banana plantations?

The workers found mysterious large stone spheres buried in the forest floor.


Just how were these treasures created?

These near-perfect spheres were carved using stone implements, since the early craftsmen did not have access to metal tools.


Since when were early Costa Ricans carving spheres?

Archeologists believe that the carvings began about 600 A.D.


What is the Yonaguni Monument?

It is a huge collection of stone structures believed to be the sunken relics of an ancient world located off the shores of Japan.


What does Professor Schoch believe regarding this site?

He believes it is a mixture of both manmade and natural structures.


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