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Generic products are less expensive versions of brand-name items. Usually they are made with the same ingredients, and typically by the same manufacturers, as the more expensive products they're duplicating. How much do you know about buying generic?

The allergy medication Claritin, which contains 10 milligrams of the active ingredient loratadine, sells in a 30-pill bottle for just under $20. How much would you expect to pay for Walmart's identical store brand version?

Like most generics containing loratadine, Walmart's Equate brand is surprisingly inexpensive. You can expect to pay about $4 for a 30-pill bottle.


In a Consumer Reports survey, how many respondents believed that name-brand foods are more nutritious?

Only 17 percent of those polled actually thought there was a difference in nutritional quality. The nutrition value of most store-brand food items is equal to higher-priced versions.


In a taste test, Publix store-brand orange juice was compared with national brand Tropicana, which costs 50 cents more per carton. Which brand came out on top?

While both brands of juice had "distinct orange flavor" and were moderately sweet, the trained tasters reported that Publix juice had a bit less "processed" flavor and was slightly less bitter than the Tropicana version.


In a 2010 price study by Consumer Reports, how much money was saved, on average, by shopping for store brands over national name brands?

By shopping for store brands over national brands, the magazine was able to save an average of 30 percent, although with some product categories that number jumps to more than 50 percent. Imagine shaving almost a third off your grocery bill each month, without losing quality!


Sometimes store brands reformulate the recipes of the higher-priced versions they're copying. Between national brand Mott's and the store brand for the Publix grocery chain, whose applesauce contains more sugar per serving?

Mott's applesauce is actually higher in sugar content than the Publix version.


In a Consumer Reports taste test, Walmart's Great Value brand potato chips tied for quality with the national brand Lays. Lays potato chips retail for 29 cents per serving. How much do Walmart's chips cost per serving?

For the same quality in real potato flavor, fat and saltiness, Walmart's potato chips cost almost half as much as the same quantity of Lays chips at just 15 cents per serving.


According to Consumer Reports Money Adviser, how much will the average family of four spend at the grocery store in 2010?

According to the latest studies, a family of four spends an average of $6,000 a year at the grocery store. Switching to generics and store brands can mean average savings of 30 percent, or nearly $2,000!


Generic pain relievers must contain the same dosage and amount of active ingredient as the brand name products they're duplicating. How well do they need to work, in comparison?

In order to be sold as a generic, a pain reliever must work at least 80 percent as well as the product it's duplicating -- in other words, an efficacy rate within 20 percent of the name-brand version.


Kellogg's Froot Loops is the name-brand version of a cereal Stop & Shop calls Fruit Swirls. Which of them contains more dietary fiber per serving?

Kellogg's Froot Loops contains 3 grams of fiber per serving, while the Stop & Shop version contains only 1 gram of fiber.


Store-brand sales hit an all-time record in 2009, at over $55 billion. However, it was a bad year for spending generally. How much overall did consumer spending drop in 2009's fourth quarter?

Consumer spending for the fourth quarter of 2009 fell 8.9 percent, the worst quarter for spending since the Department of Commerce started tracking that statistic back in 1947.


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