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Most people wouldn't be caught dead without a cell phone, and just about all of them can fit into the palm of your hand. But have you ever dreamed about a phone that's more special -- and how much it would cost?

The Vertu Signature Cobra: adorned with a snake made from 439 rubies. Yes, a ruby snake.

Only eight of these astonishing phones were made in 2006. Wouldn't you love to know who bought them?


The iPhone 3G

In June 2009, Apple slashed the price of the original iPhone in half, to $99. Wait a few more months and you might be able to snag one for free!


The iPhone 3G S: The newest version from Apple is supposedly twice as fast as the original and has double the memory.

The 16GB 3G S is $199, and the 32GB version is $299.


The Palm Pre Smartphone

Palm's answer to the iPhone came out in June of 2009. Is it a worthy competitor? Shell out $199 and decide for yourself.


The MERIDIIST: Watchmaker Tag Heuer's first cell phone features "exclusive design for one-of-a kind personality integrating watch-inspired features."

The MERIDIIST starts at €3,500, or about $4,700. All we know is, we're not paying that much for a cell phone when we can't even pronounce the name.


The Samsung Solar Guru E1107: the first solar-powered cell phone

This phone, designed for people in poor areas who might not have access to electricity, sells for $59. But it's available only in India right now.


The Motorola R1 AURA: has a 16 million-color display and apparently takes two weeks to manufacture

Motorola touts the AURA as "the return of artistry." We don't know about you, but we'd just be afraid we'd break it.


The Nokia 8800 Arte Pink: 18K gold, covered in pink and white diamonds

This baby sells for a whopping $131,000. You could buy a lot of good, solid normal cell phones with that much money. Or a really nice car.


The Knalihs Athem BlackBerry Bold Limited Diamond Edition: Customized with pink, yellow, black, champagne or white diamonds -- and the back of the phone can feature leather, crocodile, snakeskin or denim.

We couldn't find any price information -- but we'd like one with pink diamonds and black/red snakeskin, please.


The Vertu Ascent Ti Ferrari phone: titanium case, leather details and authentic Ferrari-engine ring tones

As is the case with many limited-edition luxury goods, it's hard to nail down a price on this one. But it starts at at least $6,000.


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