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So, your house needs some work. The kitchen, for one, could use an overhaul, and you've always meant to add an extra bedroom. But you have no clue how much it would cost -- and if it would even be worth it to spend the money.

According to Remodeling magazine, about how much can you expect to pay for a major kitchen renovation?

In 2005, the average major kitchen remodel cost $54,000, 80 percent of which could be recovered at resale.


What's a good rule of thumb for how much to invest in home renovations?

Twenty to 30 percent of your home's value seems to be the range that will give you the most bang for your buck.


Remodeling magazine said that in 2005, you could recoup 103.6 percent of your investment if you replaced your home's siding with "upscale" siding. About how much would this cost?

The magazine estimated the average siding cost at $10,393 -- and the value at resale would be $10,771.


What's the average price of a roof replacement?

According to Remodeling magazine, a roof replacement will run you about $14,000.


According to the National Association of Home Builders, how much were Americans expected to spend on home renovations in 2009?

Americans will spend $217 billion on home renovations in 2009. Surprisingly, that's an increase over 2008.


Electric radiant heat is one fairly inexpensive way to warm up a floor. About how much does it cost per square foot?

Electric radiant heat comes from a roll-out mat that goes under your flooring. The cost is about $8 to $15 per square foot.


One positive aspect of a slow real-estate market is the drop in home renovation costs. How much does Money magazine estimate you can save on your renovation projects in a downbeat economy?

In December 2008, Money magazine estimated that homeowners can save at least 10 percent on renovations.


What's the average price per square foot for a room addition?

Tim Carter of says you can expect to pay around $150 a square foot for an addition.


What's the average price per square foot for a deck?

Tim Carter estimates $20 per square foot for a deck -- so if you don't mind your additional living space being outdoors, it could be very cost-effective to add a deck instead of a room.


One easy and inexpensive upgrade often mentioned by experts is crown molding. About how much would it cost to add crown molding to a room?

Tim Carter says you can install crown molding yourself to the average room for about $100.


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