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Wines older than 50 years begin to decline and eventually turn into vinegar. But that doesn't stop serious collectors from paying even more for them. How well do you know your wine? Test your wino wit with this quiz.

When they first sold, bottles of 1982 Mouton-Rothschild went for about $400. How much do they catch now?

Now worth 25 times its original price, a 1982 Mouton-Rothschild can go for as much as $10,000.


Some well-known wines from Bordeaux, like Lafite, Cheval Blanc and d'Yquem, continue to impress wine connoisseurs annually. Others, however, have disappeared and gained cult status, like the 1941 Inglenook Cabernet Sauvignon. How much did one bottle sell?

A case of 1941 Inglebrook Cabernet Sauvignon sold in Los Angeles for about $25,000 a bottle. Director and winery owner Francis Ford Coppola bought two for himself in 2004.


Although during the mid-1900s some wine snobs initially lifted their noses, the 1951 Penfolds Grange is now considered one of the best vintages in the world. How much does one cost?

Developed by Max Schubert, the godfather of Australian wine, it fetches a very impressive $40,000 at auctions. Bottoms up down under!


Ah, the summer of 1947: hot and dry. Perfect, of course, for a bottle of 1947 Cheval Blanc, which caught how much at an auction?

This famous bottle, a large three liters, cost $135,125, or $33,781.25 for a typical 750 mL bottle.


There have only been three vintages of Domaine de la Romanée-Conti's Duvault-Blochet made from grand cru grapes: in 1934, 1999 and 2002. How much did the rare 1934 vintage go for?

A pre-auction tasting led to an impressive score of 99, and the bottle sold for $20,145.


More contemporary vintages can still pack a punch and demand high prices. A recent 2003 bottle, another from Domain de la Romanée-Conti, snatched how much?

The 2003 DRC goes for about $4,650, but good luck getting one, even if you can afford it: Its makers sell mainly to loyal customers who have bought DRC for years.


A fierce 2001 bidding war at Sotheby's in New York raised the price of a Montrachet 1978, one of the most expensive drinkable wines ever sold. How much did it cost?

The lot of seven bottles of white wine went for $167,500, or close to $24,000 per bottle.


The most expensive white wine ever sold, a bottle of 1797 Chateau d'Yquem, went for how much?

The Antique Wine Company purchased the bottle in 2006 for $90,000, crushing the previous record of $56,000 set in 1985.


The much-hyped 2005 Chateau Petrus set a record for its vintage pricing. What was it?

The Petrus, a merlot, sold for $3,176. Keep in mind -- this was after Miles, the ornery wine connoisseur from the film "Sideways," declared his strong dislike merlot and sent its popularity plummeting, making the Chateau Petrus price all the more impressive.


A 1797 Chateau Lafite, a single bottle of Bordeaux wine, became the most expensive wine in the world when it sold at Christie's auction house. How much did the bottle sell for?

The 1797 Chateau Lafite sold for $160,000, even though it's essentially an old bottle of vinegar right now. The big catch? Marked on the bottle's side are the intial's "Th. J," indicating that the wine once belonged in Thomas Jefferson's collection.


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