Quiz: Name These Tasty Side Dishes From an Image!
Name These Tasty Side Dishes From an Image!
By: Teresa McGlothlin
Image: Wiki Commons by Antilived

About This Quiz

We are certain that you know a lot about side dishes, but do you know them well enough to name them from a single image? Throughout this quiz, we are going to put your food knowledge to the test. We are also going to make you very hungry. 

For once, we thought it would be nice to turn the spotlight away from the entrees and point it at the side dishes that make our meals complete. After we show you a picture, we want you to choose the correct side dish from the list we have provided. You might have to take a few guesses, but we have every confidence that you have enough food know-how to get you through. 

From cornbread to boiled potatoes, the possible list of side dishes is endless. While we didn't choose anything too fancy that might throw you off, you might learn about a new dish and simply have to try it out on your friends. Put on your chef's hat, and try to accurately choose the dish you see. Only when you finish will you be able to claim side dish royalty. Will you get as many right as you think you will? 

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