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We are certain that you know a lot about side dishes, but do you know them well enough to name them from a single image? Throughout this quiz, we are going to put your food knowledge to the test. We are also going to make you very hungry. 

For once, we thought it would be nice to turn the spotlight away from the entrees and point it at the side dishes that make our meals complete. After we show you a picture, we want you to choose the correct side dish from the list we have provided. You might have to take a few guesses, but we have every confidence that you have enough food know-how to get you through. 

From cornbread to boiled potatoes, the possible list of side dishes is endless. While we didn't choose anything too fancy that might throw you off, you might learn about a new dish and simply have to try it out on your friends. Put on your chef's hat, and try to accurately choose the dish you see. Only when you finish will you be able to claim side dish royalty. Will you get as many right as you think you will? 

Can you name this traditional southern side dish?

Traced all the way back to the times of Native Americans, cornbread has become a staple side dish for southern cooking. Dried corn is milled like flour, and cornbread is make from the resulting cornmeal.

What would you call this fried side dish?

A true summertime treat, fried green tomatoes are a southern tradition. Green tomato slices are dipped in egg, dredged in flour or cornmeal and fried to perfection on the stovetop.

Do you know what this comforting side is called?

One of the world's most loved comfort foods, macaroni and cheese is an easy side dish that brings an instant smile to any meal. From the homemade variety to the store-bought kind, mac and cheese can warm up any chilly day.

What are these fancy potatoes called?

Created by thinly slicing potatoes without going all the way through, Hasselback potatoes can be dressed up with any of your favorite toppings. From breadcrumbs to cheese and bacon, there's no wrong way to bake as Hasselback potato.

This side dish is a Thanksgiving time hit, what is it called?

Served as a traditional side dish at Thanksgiving dinner, cranberry sauce is a colorful addition to any table. Its jelly-like consistency spreads easily, and it adds a tangy and sweet addition to any meal.

What would you call this potluck favorite?

If you've ever been to a potluck, there's a very high chance you have seen a green bean casserole. Green bean casserole is a favorite of home cooks everywhere, but you either love it or you hate it.

This side dish is a true Italian favorite, do you know what it's called?

An Italian speciality, risotto is a rice dish that takes its flavor from a broth or additional ingredients. Its thick and creamy consistency is the trademark of the dish. Both mushrooms and butter are popular risotto additions.

You can eat this side alone or on top of a sandwich - do you know what it is?

Made from mayonnaise and shredded cabbage, coleslaw is a popular food addition or side dish. In West Virginia, coleslaw is served as a hot dog topping. In the American south, it is often served on top of BBQ sandwiches, but it stand just as well alone.

You might order this side dish instead of fries, but can you name it?

Sometimes, you want something a little extra to go with your burger. Onion rings are the perfect alternative. They are deep fried like fries, but they are battered and they have a thin ring of cooked onion in the middle.

Which healthy side dish do you see here?

Many great side dishes are made with corn, but nothing beats a fresh piece of corn on the cob. Whether boiled or grilled, corn on the cob is a true favorite throughout the United States.

This side dish is quite refreshing, but what is its name?

Cucumber salad is a potluck favorite. Whether served as a simple dressed cucumber salad or dressed up with tomatoes and onions, cucumber salad is a refreshing addition to any plate.

Burritos are not complete without this side dish, what is it?

No homestyle burrito is complete without a helping of refried beans on the side of the plate. Refried beans are first boiled. Then, they are mashed, seasoned, and fried.

You either love or hate this side dish, but do you know what it is?

One of spring's first offerings is the beautiful asparagus. Whether roasted, steamed or boiled, asparagus is wonderful with a little lemon and butter.

This side dish is sometimes found inside turkey, but can you name it?

Stuffing is perfect anytime, but it is traditionally served during Thanksgiving. Stuffing is made from a number of ingredients including thyme, onion, bread and celery.

Burgers are lost without this side - what do you call them?

On average, an American eats 30 pounds of french fries per year. With so many other side dishes available, it's clear which side dish Americans prefer!

This hearty side will warm you up, but do you know what it's called?

Scalloped potatoes are an easy and tasty side dish that can really warm up your insides. Also called Gratin, scalloped potatoes are made from thinly sliced potatoes, cheese, and a cream base.

This side dish is a fall favorite, but what is it?

One of fall's gifts is the butternut squash. Like the pumpkin, butternut squash grows on vines and offers a nutty flavor. It's perfect when roasted or made into a soup.

This side dish changes when you cook it - can you figure out its name?

The spaghetti squash is a fascinating vegetable. Before cooking, it has the same consistency as a regular squash. After cooking, it can be raked with a fork to resemble spaghetti noodles. It's great low-carb substitute for your favorite pasta dish.

Vegetables are great side dishes, but can you name this one?

You either love steamed broccoli or you hate it. Steamed vegetables are often served with fish, and steamed broccoli is listed as the most popular.

What would you call this colorful medley of a side dish?

There's no right or wrong way to make a pasta salad. However, it is usually made with a vinegar-based dressing and vegetables.

Can you figure out what side dish you see in this photo?

A hearty alternative to plain corn, creamed corn combines pulsed corn kernels with butter and milk. It is left to stew on the stovetop until it simmers into a creamy side.

You can smother and cover them, but what are they?

For a filling breakfast, order a few hashbrowns on the side. Hashbrowns are made from grated potatoes then fried on the griddle. They can also be deep fried or baked.

You might order this side dish with Pad Thai, but can you name it?

Spring rolls are found throughout many types of Asian cuisine. Thin flour surrounds a filling comprised of cabbage and other desired ingredients. Then, they are fried to a crispy texture.

With or without gravy, this side dish is a true favorite. Do you know what it is?

Whether smothered in gravy or topped with butter, mashed potatoes are a favorite around the world. Boiled potatoes are mashed with butter and cream to form a consistency we all know and love.

This photo depicts a flavorful side dish - what name does it have?

Couscous is a traditional North African grain traditionally served after being steamed with herbs. Couscous is often enhanced with a meat or vegetable topping.

Can you name the iron-packed dish dish you see here?

Much like creamed corn, creamed spinach is made from stewing with cream. Spinach is high in iron, and a serving of creamed spinach would do your body good.

Do you know what this delicious southern side dish is called?

Sometimes simply called greens, collard greens are a southern staple. Collard greens are usually cooked with a little bacon or ham to add flavor.

This side is sweeter than most, but what is it named?

Candied yams are traditionally served at Thanksgiving, but they are great any time of the year. Once the yams, or sweet potatoes, have thoroughly baked, they are sprinkled with brown sugar and butter.

This side dish is a root vegetable-based delight - can you name it?

In just a few moments, an ordinary potato can be turned into a potato pancake. Simply combine grated potatoes with an egg. Then, bake or fry to a crispy perfection.

It can be made from most anything, but what is the musical name of this side dish?

When more than one vegetable is cooked together and served as a side, it is called a vegetable medley. You can create your own with nearly any vegetables of your choice.

It's shredded and seasoned, but what is this side dish?

German meals are usually accompanied by some sort of pickled vegetable. In this case, it is the German red cabbage. Served cold, this cabbage dish is drizzled with oil and vinegar.

It's best served with butter and rosemary, but what do you call this side dish?

When you are in the mood for a filling and simple side, place some peeled potatoes into boiling water. When they are soft, top them with a little butter and rosemary for a perfect side dish.

This photo features a southern staple - can you figure out its name?

Baked beans are listed as one of the world's favorite side dishes. Cooked beans are slowly baked with a barbecue or tomato-based sauce until they reach just the right texture.

If you've been to a picnic, you should know what this side dish is named - do you?

Potato salad is a favorite side dish to take to picnics and potlucks. Although you'll find many different potato salad recipes on the internet, the most popular recipe search includes a mustard-based dressing.

Can you recognize the shapely side dish in this photo?

You might not think that macaroni goes with anything other than cheese, but the popularity of macaroni salad says otherwise. Macaroni salad contains noodles and thinly diced vegetables bound together by a mayonnaise sauce.

Can you rise to the occasion and name this side dish?

Yeast rolls are a side dish that take a while to make. First, yeast must be left to rise. Otherwise, the rolls will be flat.

This dish has a corn-based start, but do you know what it's called on a menu?

Although any vegetable can be added to succotash, it is traditionally made with corn and a shelled bean. Traditional recipes recommend using the lima bean for an extra kick of flavor.

It's French and full of flavor, but what is this side dish named?

Ratatouille is not only a great film, it's an excellent side dish. Sometimes referred to as a vegetable stew, traditional ratatouille contains an eggplant base.

Elvis loved this side dish, but do you know what it is?

In recent years, deep-fried pickles have made a splash. First battered in a spicy mix, pickles are then fried until warm and crispy. They are a surprisingly good alternative to fries.

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