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Nancy Reagan is not the former First Lady's real name, nor was her husband's presidency the first time she was at the White House. How much do you know about the 40th first lady?

When was the former first lady Nancy Reagan born?

Nancy Reagan was born on July 6, 1921.


What was her maiden name?

Nancy Reagan was Nancy Davis before she married Ronald Reagan.


What was Nancy Davis Reagan's birth name?

Nancy, born Anne Frances Robbins, took the name Nancy Davis when she was adopted by her stepfather in 1935.


In which NYC borough was Nancy Davis Reagan born?

Nancy was born in Queens (Flushing, New York).


At what age did Nancy meet then-first lady Grace Coolidge, as a guest at the White House.

Nancy Davis was 7 years old when she first was a White House guest for the annual Easter egg roll.


Which of the Seven Sisters colleges did Nancy attend?

Nancy attended Smith College, where she majored in dramatic arts.


True or false: Nancy was once blacklisted as a possible communist sympathizer.

True. Nancy Davis was blacklisted during McCarthy-era Hollywood, but it was a case of mistaken identity. (It's also how she met her future husband.)


When did Nancy and Ronald Reagan marry?

On March 4, 1952, at the Little Brown Church in Studio City.


True or false: Nancy was a Broadway actress before appearing in movies.

True. She played a lady-in-waiting in the 1946 Broadway musical "Lute Song."


How many films did Nancy, as Nancy Davis, perform in?

Nancy was in 11 films, between 1949 and 1956.


Her role in which film did she single out as her best?

In her memoir, Nancy calls out her role in 1951's "Night into Morning" as her "best."


In what year did Nancy become first lady of California?

Mrs. Reagan became the first lady of California on January 3, 1967, when her husband was sworn in as governor.


She called her husband "Ronnie," and Ronnie called her by what nickname?

When writing to his beloved wife, Ronald Reagan addressed letters to all of these nicknames, plus "Mommie Poo Pants."


Which color did Mrs. Reagan call "a picker-upper?"

Red, Nancy said, was "a picker-upper," and her preferred scarlet shade became known as Reagan red.


In what year did Nancy Reagan become the 40th first lady of the U.S.?

She became first lady of the United States in 1981, until 1989.


Who was the Reagans' astrology consultant during their time in the White House?

Nancy Reagan first called upon astrologer Joan Quigley after the attempted assassination of her husband. Quigley remained White House astrologer until 1988.


What was the name of Mrs. Reagan's drug awareness campaign?

Launched in 1982, the drug-awareness campaign was called Just Say No.


True or false: It was Nancy who encouraged then-President Reagan to establish talks with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev.

True. While Nancy hosted "tea summits," Reagan and Gorbachev discussed nuclear disarmament.


What was the former first lady's Secret Service code name?

Nancy Reagan's code name was "'Rainbow."


Which was the former first lady's first feature film?

Nancy had a role in "The Doctor and the Girl," her first feature film.


In which World War II movie were Nancy and Ronald Reagan cast together?

In the late 1950s, Nancy was cast as Reagan's love interest in "Hellcats of the Navy."


True or false: Reagan was the first First Lady to address the United Nations General Assembly.

True. In 1988, Nancy addressed the General Assembly.


On what topic did Mrs. Reagan address the U.N. General Assembly?

Reagan spoke in support of stronger international drug trafficking laws and drug education.


Which was Nancy's favorite tea?

Nancy offered her personal favorite, decaffeinated almond tea, to Raisa Gorbachev upon their first meeting.


Mrs. Reagan hosted Republican primary debates during what election year?

The former first lady hosted Republican primary debates at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library during the 2008 election.


How many books did the former first lady publish?

Three: "My Turn: The Memoirs of Nancy Reagan" (1989),”I Love You Ronnie: The Letters of Ronald Reagan to Nancy Reagan” (2000) and "Entertaining at the White House" (2007).


True or false: Mrs. Reagan was a breast cancer survivor.

True. Nancy underwent a mastectomy in 1987.


After her husband's death in 2004, Nancy publicly advocated for what kind of research?

After her husband's death from Alzheimer's, Nancy advocated for stem cell research.


Which youth organization named Mrs. Reagan its honorary national president during her time as America's first lady?

Nancy Reagan, a Girl Scout herself, was named honorary national president of the Girls Scouts, between 1981 and 1989.


True or false: The former first lady was honored by the Council of Fashion Designers of America with a lifetime achievement award.

True. In 1988 the CFDA honored Mrs. Reagan with a lifetime achievement award.


Which president awarded the former first lady with the Presidential Medal of Freedom?

In 2002, then-President George W. Bush praised Mrs. Reagan "for her eloquent example of loyalty and courage and abiding love."


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