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National Guard members are heroes both overseas and in their own communities, protecting and serving at both the state and federal level. Take our quiz to see how much you know about this often unappreciated branch of the armed forces.

Where did the National Guard originate?

The earliest North American militia units were formed in Massachusetts during the 17th century when the local legislature authorized the creation of three permanent regiments to protect the colony.


The U.S. National Guard is older than the U.S. Army itself.

The U.S. National Guard dates back to December 13, 1636, making it older than the U.S. Army.


How many branches of service make up the National Guard?

The National Guard consists of two branches -- the Army National Guard and the Air National Guard.


What year was the Air National Guard created?

The National Security Act of 1947 authorized the establishment of both the U.S. Air Force and the Air National Guard.


Who came up with the name "National Guard?"

French military leader Marquis de Lafayette came up with the name "National Guard" in 1824 during a visit to the U.S., but it wasn't made official until 1916.


Other military reserve units are not part of the National Guard.

Military reserves, such as the Army or Navy Reserve, are not affiliated with the U.S. National Guard.


Only the U.S. President can call the National Guard to duty.

Guard members are sworn to follow both state and federal constitutions. Either a state governor or the president can call the Guard to action.


The National Guard rarely participates in major foreign conflicts.

The National Guard has participated in every major war since 1637, with 300,000 Guard members fighting in WWII and more than 10,000 fighting in Vietnam.


How many presidents have served in the Guard in its modern formation?

Two presidents -- Harry Truman and George W. Bush -- have served in the Guard in its modern formation. Earlier presidents may have taken part in militia battles before the Guard took on its current structure.


Which U.S. territory does not have its own National Guard?

Every state and every U.S. territory -- except for American Samoa -- has its own National Guard branch.


What is the highest ranking position in any state National Guard?

The Adjunct General is the highest ranking officer in the National Guard in each state.


Adjunct Generals are typically chosen by the public in local elections.

In the majority of states, the governor appoints the Adjunct General. In a handful of states, this position is put to vote or appointed by the legislature.


How many U.S. National Guard members fought in the Korean War?

Roughly 138,000 National Guard troops fought in the Korean War, including 45,000 members of the Air National Guard.


More than half a million National Guard troops have taken part in Operation Enduring Freedom and the resulting conflicts.

Around 650,000 National Guard members have fought overseas as part of Operation Enduring Freedom and subsequent conflicts since 2001.


The U.S. National Guard is the largest branch of the military.

The U.S. National Guard is the second largest branch of the military after the U.S. Army.


How many troops make up the U.S. National Guard?

The National Guard consists of 460,000 troops, including 105,400 members of the Air National Guard.


National Guard members receive monthly training year-round.

At a minimum, guard members train for one weekend a month plus two weeks a year when they are not on active duty.


What is the National Guard term for your job?

Guard members can choose from over 150 military occupational specialties -- jobs -- while in the Guard.


What did a group of National Guard members do at Kent State University in 1970?

Twenty-eight National Guard members fired at protestors on the Kent State University campus on May 4, 1970.


How many people died in the conflict?

Four protestors were killed, eight were wounded and another was paralyzed during the melee.


What happened to the troops who fired on the protestors at Kent State?

After firing 60 rounds at protestors at Kent State, all charges were dropped against the National Guard members involved in the conflict.


Why did more than 28,000 National Guard members deploy to New York City in the spring of 1970?

During the 1970 New York City postal strike, more than 28,000 National Guard members came to the city to ensure mail delivery continued on schedule.


Which of these actors was NOT a member of the Guard?

Robert Redford was never a Guardsman, but both Tom Selleck and James Garner joined the Guard before hitting it big in Hollywood.


The Air National Guard has its own fleet of aircraft.

The ANG maintains more than 1,100 aircraft, representing about a third of the total in-air fighter capacity of the Air Force.


Most National Guardsmen never actually see combat.

Around half of all Guard members have combat experience.


The National Guard has its own branch of Special Forces.

The Army National Guard has a special forces branch consisting of 1,800 troops, while the Air National Guard has its own special ops team.


What percent of the total Army budget goes to the U.S. National Guard?

Around 10 percent of the Army budget goes to the Guard, while the Air National Guard represents around 6.5 percent of the total Air Force budget.


What percentage of total Army personnel are Guard members?

A full 32 percent of Army personnel are Guard members, while 21 percent of the total Air Force personnel belong to the Air National Guard.


Which state has the largest National Guard?

California has the largest state National Guard, with 21,000 troops, including 4,572 airmen.


Babe Ruth was a Guardsman.

Babe Ruth enlisted in the New York Guard in 1924, largely for the photo-ops, and never ended up being drafted into battle.


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