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Chevy Chase's absurd brand of comedy is at its finest in the long-running "Vacation" series. His family's original misadventures begin in Chicago and end in California, and along the way they encounter all sorts of wacky escapades. How much do you know about the "Vacation" movie series?

How many "National Lampoon's Vacation" movies were actually sponsored by National Lampoon?

There are dozens of productions that borrow the National Lampoon name, but only five were officially sponsored by National Lampoon.


In which year did the first "Vacation" movie hit theaters?

The movie was unveiled in 1983, the same year that Sally Ride became the first American woman in space.


Clark Griswold is married. What's his wife's name?

Ellen (played by Beverly D'Angelo) is Clark's loving and ever-patient wife. D'Angelo started her show business career on Broadway in productions such as "Rockabye Hamlet."


Which of the following actors did NOT appear in the first film?

Nicholson wasn't in this movie. But "Vacation" did feature some big names, from Chevy Chase to John Candy to Christie Brinkley.


In "Christmas Vacation," why does Clark desperately need his yearly Christmas bonus?

Clark planned to surprise his family with an underground pool, but his usual Christmas bonus never materializes, leading to a major confrontation with Clark's boss.


Who directed the first "Vacation" movie?

The plot is based on a short story written by John Hughes. But the movie was directed by Harold Ramis -- the same guy who played Egon in "Ghostbusters."


In the first movie, how does Clark accidentally kill Aunt Edna's dog, Dinky?

Clark ties Dinky to the bumper of the car but forgets to retreive the dog before setting out onto the highway. Poor Dinky never had a chance.


Which of the movies was released as the second in the series of five films?

The second film, "European Vacation," was released two years after the first. It did not receive the same critical accolades or financial success of the original.


What sort of car does Christie Brinkley's character drive in the first movie?

Brinkley blazes by the family's station wagon driving her flashy Ferrari. Later, she and Clark share a special moment in a hotel pool.


In the first "Vacation" film, what's the family's ultimate destination?

The Griswold family packs its trusty station wagon and sets off for Walley World, an enormous amusement park set in Southern California.


Where does the family go in the fourth "Vacation" film?

In the fourth movie, "Vegas Vacation," the Griswold family heads to Las Vegas. It was the first of the five films to omit "National Lampoon" from the title.


What sort of animal is the mascot at Walley World?

In a none-too-subtle reference to Disneyland's Mickey Mouse, the mascot of Walley World is Marty Moose.


Parts of the first movie were shot right outside Disneyland.

The film does use two real-life amusement parks as backdrops, but not Disneyland. The included parks were Six Flags Magic Mountain and Santa Anita Park, both in California.


In "Vegas Vacation," Ellen develops a crush on which person?

In this film, the family decides to split up and spend some time alone. Ellen winds up with a crush on Wayne Newton, who has feelings for her, too.


What was the approximate budget of the first "Vacation" film?

The first "Vacation" movie had a budget of around $15 million. It made more than $60 million at the box office, ensuring that there would be numerous sequels looking to cash in on the original movie's success.


How does Clark finally get his Christmas bonus in "Christmas Vacation"?

Cousin Eddie decides to take matters into his own hands. He kidnaps Clark's boss and drags him to the family home, where he finally decides to give Clark a Christmas bonus.


Which actor does NOT appear in "Vegas Vacation"?

Randy Quaid appeared in the first three "Vacation" movies, but he wasn’t in the fourth and fifth movies.


What happens to Ellen during "European Vacation"?

Clark and Ellen have a major argument, after which Ellen stomps off, only to wind up kidnapped in Rome. Clark uses the kidnapping as a chance to redeem himself and save his wife.


How does the family get the money to afford a trip abroad in "European Vacation"?

The family wins the trip thanks to a game show called "Pig in a Poke." The trip seems like a dream come true … until they actually land in Europe.


What is the name of Rusty's wife in 2015's "Vacation"?

In the 2015 edition, the family is headed by Rusty Griswold and his wife, Debbie. As they travel the country, Rusty discovers some unsavory facts regarding his wife's past.


Which of the following films was NOT written by John Hughes?

John Hughes had a hand in writing the first three films, and then he was done with the series. The Griswold family, however, carried on with two additional films.


At the end of "Vegas Vacation," Clark manages to win thousands of dollars. What game was he playing?

Clark befriends a lonely old man who is betting on a game of keno. The old man dies … but Clark has his winning keno ticket, which nets the family thousands of dollars.


Which actress plays the role of Clark's daughter in "Christmas Vacation"?

Juliette Lewis plays Audrey, who is continually frustrated by the antics of her well-meaning family.


In "Vegas Vacation," Audrey winds up with what job?

Audrey decides to visit a strip club with her cousin … and then winds up becoming a stripper herself. Eventually, Clark rounds up his whole family -- including Audrey -- and they all drive home in new vehicles.


Which "Vacation" film was the last for actor John Candy?

Candy appeared in just the first film. During this movie, Clark Griswold points a pellet gun at Candy (who plays a security guard) and demands that he accompany the family through the closed amusement park.


In what year did the most recent "Vacation" movie hit theaters?

In 2015, "Vacation" became the fifth installment in the series. It starred Ed Helms and Christina Applegate.


In "Christmas Vacation," Randy Quaid plays a character with which name?

Randy Quaid is Eddie, who frustrates Clark at every turn. Eddie is a freeloader who lives in his RV with his wife, Catherine.


How did the 2015 movie fare at the box office?

Say what you will about the film's lack of originality, it was a rousing box office success. It raked in over $100 million on a budget of just $30 million.


The first film did NOT feature music by which of the following musicians?

There weren't any Heart songs in this movie. Lindsey Buckingham contributed music, and there was a Ramones song, too -- "Blitzkrieg Pop."


Chevy Chase has appeared in all five of the "Vacation" films.

Chase was the star of the first four films before taking a back seat to Helms in the fifth movie -- in this film, Chase plays the father of Rusty Griswold.


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