Which Nationality Matches Your Temperament?

By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Jon Feingersh/Blend Images/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Even in the most homogenous nation on the planet - whether by culture, race, or history - it's still true that every nation contains all sorts of people. We're all individuals, after all, and that means we cannot simply be reduced to a thin cultural stereotype. Not all Japanese people are incredibly hard working and rather prudish. Not all Germans are hyper-efficient neat freaks. Not all Brits are tipsy and lazy people redeemed by their witty sense of humor. Not all Americans are fat, ignorant, and jolly. Not all French people, sorry to say, are great lovers.

However, it is true to say that certain cultures and nations do embrace certain behavioral quirks and personalities more readily than others. In more reserved cultures, smiling as much as is polite in America or gesturing and emoting as wildly as are considered normal in Italy would be considered inauthentic to the point of being quite suspicious. In British culture, getting within touching distance of a person is something you simply don't do unless you know them reasonably well. In certain African cultures, being ashamed of your body and hiding it away is considered pretty silly.

This means that whatever your temperament, there is indeed a nation where it will fit in better than in others. Let's help you find it!

How optimistic are you?

Do you like most people?

What drink do you enjoy most?

What's the best weather?

How hard do you like to work?

How do you get on with your extended family?

Do you believe in monogamy?

How long do you expect to live?

Do you love the great outdoors?

What sort of dancing do you like?

What colors do you decorate your house?

What architecture do you like?

What landscape suits your usual mood?

Do you care if people like you?

How drunk is too drunk?

How important is democracy?

How melty do you like your melting pot?

What sort of fur would you wear?

Your phone rings. Before you see who's calling, how do you feel?

What do you call the act of having sex with another person?

How comfortable are you with chaos?

How much do you mind risk?

Do you embrace a sense of all things coming to an end?

How important is staying in shape?

What's the best type of food?

When is the best time for a nap?

What instrument do you play?

How many gods are enough?

Do you like marching into your neighbor's house uninvited and eating all their food?

Are you a free spirit?

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