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The U.S. Navy trains and maintains some of the most powerful special operations groups in the world, such as the Navy SEALs. But how much do you know about this ultra-elite group, which has been the subject of films such as Clint Eastwood's "American Sniper" and "GI Jane," starring Demi Moore?

Navy SEAL teams were established in 1962, after President John F. Kennedy expressed a wish for the military to create unconventional warfare capabilities. The teams are based in Coronado, California, and are deployed in more than 30 countries around the world.

SEAL (Sea, Air and Land) training is open to men and women. And it's tough. Really tough. Although wild rumors persist about the training — for example, that you're dropped 10 miles out at sea and have to swim back to shore, or that you're tied up and thrown in the ocean — it isn't easy.

Prospective SEALs have to swim 6 miles in the ocean, although they're swimming parallel to shore and only about 100 yards out. And they do have to undergo a test called "drown-proofing," where their hands and feet are tied — hands behind the back — but within the safety of a pool. Still, recruits have died (!) during training.

If you're like most Americans, Navy SEAL training isn't for you. But it doesn't hurt to learn more about this elite group. So test your knowledge, and learn some things, by taking the quiz!

SEAL Team Six is best known for which mission?

It will probably always be the most famous SEAL mission in history.


When was SEAL Team Six disbanded?

It's officially called DEVGRU (Development Group), a unit of the U.S. Naval Special Warfare Development Group; SEAL Team Six is an unofficial moniker held over from the old days.


In order to begin SEAL training, you can only have a maximum of how many felony convictions?

And if you have a pattern of any kind of criminal behavior, or you're a substance abuser, you can forget your SEAL dreams.


Which of the following is NOT a topic that a SEAL member may learn as part of his individual specialty training?

But they will learn sniper skills, surveillance, drone operation and much more.


The SEALs were a major part of a force that invaded which country in 1983?

The invasion was a success and Grenada marks the conflict as Thanksgiving Day in appreciation for its liberation.


What is BUD/S training?

This 6-month training course is divided into three phases that tests the limits of each service member.


What is the nickname for the hardest part of BUD/S training?

It is the high (or rather, low) point of an obscenely difficult physical conditioning phase.


About how many Navy SEALs are on active duty?

These service members are some of the most mentally adaptable and physically tough people in the world.


What are PST scores used to gauge?

The Physical Screen Test scores are very important for people who want to enter SEAL training.


As part of the physical screening, trainees must be able to run 1.5 miles in less than what?

But ideally, the Navy wants people who can run that distance in 9:30 or less.


What is the maximum age for someone who wants to become a SEAL officer?

To begin the program at this age, you need a special waiver and you have to be highly qualified.


About what percentage of SEAL students experience a performance or medical challenge that delays their progress?

The challenges of training take their toll on just about everyone.


What elements are stressed during the third phase of BUD/S training?

Even Navy SEALS need nine weeks of land warfare training.


During Hell Week, what is the maximum amount of sleep a trainee gets per night?

And that's if he's lucky.


How many miles will a candidate run during Hell Week?

That's in addition to the other physical conditioning they do; they also have to complete complicated mental exercises.


Navy SEAL Christopher Beck might be best known for what?

Now known as Kristin Beck, she served for 20 years and won several medals, including a Bronze Star.


You must be between which ages to become a SEAL?

If your mom or dad is willing to sign, you could potentially begin your training at 17.


Why did the Navy name one of its units SEAL Team Six?

When the unit was named, there was actually only one other SEAL team.


What percentage of Navy divers are women?

Although SEAL training is slated to open to women, the Navy does not expect to see much interest from female divers.


What's the next round of training for people who successfully complete BUD/S?

Once they finish parachute training, they move on to SEAL Qualification Training.


How long is the SEAL Qualification Training course?

Once completed, the trainee is officially a SEAL and can begin specialized training that leads to deployment.


What is the primary purpose of the Black Squadron, a squadron within SEAL Team Six?

Other teams specialize in transportation, surveillance or assault.


What was the purpose of the Phoenix Program, which had the CIA leveraging the skills of SEAL team members?

SEAL members did their part to find the Viet Cong and either capture or kill them.


About how many of the Viet Cong did the Phoenix Program kill?

That number is probably on the low end.


How many SEAL teams were formed after the first training courses were completed in 1962?

One team was sent to the West Coast; the other went to the East Coast.


How long do most SEAL deployments last?

Some service members spend much more of their time as SEALs, though.


You can become a SEAL if you are colorblind.

Colorblindness is not a deterrent for the Navy SEALs.


How many people typically serve in a SEAL task unit?

Platoons are generally 16 people; squads are eight.


What was Operation Just Cause?

SEAL service members were critical to the removal of dictator Manuel Noriega.


How many SEAL Teams are currently active, at least according to unclassified documents?

At more than 2,000 strong, they have enough firepower to address several areas of conflict simultaneously.


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