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High-performance cars and elevated adrenaline define this video-game franchise. How much do you know about "Need for Speed"? Take this quiz to find out.

A quote from an '80s action movie inspired the name of the "Need for Speed" series. Which movie was it?

Goose and Maverick say the line in tandem in "Top Gun."

For which platform was the original game NOT released?

"The Need for Speed" wasn't released for Nintendo, but it was released for the Sega Saturn in 1996.

In which year was the first edition of "Need for Speed" released?

"The Need for Sped" was released in 1994. It is one of the most successful video game series of all time

The "Underground" version introduced the game's fans to what?

"Need for Speed: Underground" introduced street racing to the series. In urban tradition, the cars were heavily stylized.

What happened in knockout mode?

Your slow friend probably always got angry about getting kicked out of the race.

In "Need for Speed: The Run," racers zoom across America in hopes of winning how much cash?

Twenty-five million dollars would definitely buy a few tanks of gasoline.

On which console did the franchise first appear?

3DO was a Panasonic product.

As a police officer, how did you "arrest" racers in "Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2"?

You just bumped racers to arrest them. This technique was actually less intensive than in earlier versions.

Which game began the trend of trading simulation for an arcade-style gaming experience?

"Hot Pursuit 2" also omitted the driver's-seat perspective.

Roughly how many copies of the "Need for Speed" games have been sold worldwide?

About 150 millions copies have been sold. That means millions of people have crashed and burned and done it all over again.

Until "Need for Speed: ProStreet," which version was the last in the series to feature cockpit view?

"Porsche Unleashed" was, for a while, also the end of the line for damage that reduced your car's performance.

"Need for Speed: High Stakes/Road Challenge" introduced which feature?

You had to earn money to pay off those smashed fenders.

The Jaguar XKR is featured in multiple "Need for Speed" games. When was it last manufactured?

The XKR was last manufactured in 2006. It can do zero to 60 miles per hour (97 kilometers per hour) in about five seconds.

Which version of the game was the first to feature the police?

In "Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit," you could be chased by the police or flip sides and wear the badge.

Drifting and dragging didn't appear until which edition of the game?

In "Underground" drifting entailed sliding around the courses, nearly out of control.

Staff members of which car magazine helped design the handling of cars in the first "Need for Speed"?

Staff members from "Road & Track" got involved in the making of the game. Game designers didn't get into this much detail for subsequent versions.

For the second "Need for Speed," game designers tapped which resource to maximize car realism?

They went straight to the source to get things right.

Which edition was the first to be released for PlayStation 3?

"Carbon" was also the first "NFS" released for the Nintendo Wii.

In "Need for Speed: Most Wanted," the Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 suffers from what?

It has weak acceleration and lower-than-average handling.

From how many vehicles can you choose in "Shift 2: Unleashed"?

You can choose from about 140 vehicles, so you'll need a bigger garage.

What concept did "Need for Speed: Underground 2" introduce to the franchise?

The freewheeling, open world was a significant shift from typical racing games.

What reward do you receive if you max out your car's visual appearance in "Need for Speed: Underground 2"?

Mind you, it is only a fictional magazine.

Which edition of the game was available as a multiplayer game on Facebook?

"Nitro" exposed many more people to the franchise.

"Need for Speed: Most Wanted" has how many computer players on the blacklist?

It only has 10 players on the blacklist, fewer than other editions of the game.

What version was released only for mobile devices?

"No Limits" was optimized for mobile instead of being adapted from console versions.

What is the top speed of the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor in "Need for Speed: World"?

Its top speed is 184 miles per hour, but with nitrous it goes nearly 200 miles per hour.

The version that was released in 2000 featured which brand of automobile?

You could unlock decades' worth of Porsche cars.

Which actor plays the lead role in the 2014 film adaptation of "Need for Speed"?

You may know Aaron Paul as Jesse from "Breaking Bad."

Which edition of the game sold the greatest number of copies?

"Most Wanted" sold to the tune of a whopping 16 million copies.

As the game has evolved, courses have moved from various, real-world continents to what?

The urban appeal has attracted many players.

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