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The much-loved British science fiction TV show has garnered a cultlike following and can be seen around the world. Channel your inner Time Lord, and master this quiz.

When did the new series "Doctor Who" first air?

The revival series "Doctor Who" first aired in the U.K. on March 26, 2005. More than 10 million people watched the first episode of the new series.

In the United Kingdom, the BBC broadcasts the series "Doctor Who." Which U.S. network first aired the new series?

Syfy, then the Sci-fi Channel, first aired the new series.

True or false: The new "Doctor Who" series is a revision of the original series.

The new "Doctor Who" series is a continuation of the original series and story line and not a revision of the original series.

What is the title of the first episode of the new "Doctor Who" series?

Rose is the first companion of the Doctor in the series.

Which actress played the "Doctor Who" character Rose Tyler?

Actress Billie Piper played the Doctor's first companion in the new "Doctor Who" series. Piper has appeared in 39 episodes of the series.

Which Doctor does the new "Doctor Who" series begin with?

The 2005 "Doctor Who" series begins with the ninth Doctor. Actor Christopher Eccleston played the ninth Doctor in the new series.

In the new "Doctor Who" series, which planet are the Cybermen from?

The Cybermen in the 2005 series "Doctor Who" are from a Parallel Earth. In the original series the Cybermen were from Earth's twin planet, Mondas.

Which Shakespearean play is featured in the episode "The Shakespeare Code"?

The Shakespearean play featured in the "Doctor Who" episode "The Shakespeare Code" is "Love's Labour's Won." The play is an actual lost play written by William Shakespeare.

How many incarnations of the Doctor did the original "Doctor Who" series feature?

The original "Doctor Who" series featured seven incarnations of the Doctor.

How many years separate the original "Doctor Who" series and the new "Doctor Who" series?

Roughly 16 years separate the original "Doctor Who" series and the 2005 revival. The original series was canceled in 1989.

In which "Doctor Who" series did the eighth Doctor first appear?

The eighth Doctor made his first appearance in neither the new nor old series. Instead he was featured in the 1996 television movie "Doctor Who." Actor Paul McGann played the eighth Doctor.

Including both series and the television movie, how many Doctors have there been?

As of the end of the 2015-2016 season, there have been 13 incarnations of the Doctor. There are 12 numbered Doctors and one War Doctor.

Which character is a companion of the ninth Doctor?

Actor Bruno Langley played Adam in two episodes of the new series.

What is the name of the Doctor's time machine in the new series "Doctor Who"?

The Tardis Type 40 is used in the new series.

Which actor plays the War Doctor in the new "Doctor Who"?

Hurt may be best known for his recurring role as Ollivander, the wand-maker in the Harry Potter movie franchise.

Which "Doctor Who" companion did the actress Alex Kingston play in the new series?

In the series, River Song was born Melody Pond, the daughter of "Doctor Who" companions Amy Pond and Rory Williams.

True or false: The Tardis prop used in the first season of the new "Doctor Who" sold for more than 10,000 pounds.

The Tardis prop used in the first season of the new "Doctor Who" series was auctioned by Bonhams of London for 10,800 pounds, or $14,400, in 2010.

Which Doctor does the character River Song primarily travel with?

River Song traveled with the 11th Doctor in the new series. River Song appears in 18 episodes of "Doctor Who."

Which actor plays the 11th Doctor in the new series?

Smith has appeared as the Doctor in 57 episodes of the series.

What is the runtime of episodes of the new "Doctor Who"?

Each 45-minute episode takes three weeks to shoot.

Which Doctor does the actor Peter Capaldi play?

Actor Peter Capaldi portrays the 12th Doctor in the series.

True or false: Chen-7 is a valuable alien nutrient.

Chen-7 is described in the "Doctor Who" episode "The Girl Who Waited" as a deadly alien pathogen. The episode first aired on Sept. 10, 2011.

In how many "Doctor Who" episodes did actor David Tennant play the 10th Doctor?

Actor David Tennant has appeared in 58 episodes as the 10th Doctor. Tennant landed his first television role at age 16.

Which "Doctor Who" companion did the actress Jenna Coleman play?

Actress Jenna Coleman played "Doctor Who" companion Clara Oswald in the new series. Clara Oswald has appeared with the 10th, 11th, 12th and War Doctors.

Which "Doctor Who" villains appear as living plastic beings?

The Autons first appeared in the original series in 1970.

Which spinoff show features the "Doctor Who" character Capt. Jack Harkness?

Four seasons of "Torchwood" aired from 2006 to 2011.

Which companion is the actress Pearl Mackie scheduled to play in the 2017 season of "Doctor Who"?

Actress Pearl Mackie is slated to play Bill in the 2017 season of the series.

Which planet does the Doctor come from in the series "Doctor Who"?

The Doctor is a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey.

True or false: The new series "Doctor Who" was canceled in 2015.

The new "Doctor Who" series is still going strong.

As of the completion of the ninth season of the new "Doctor Who," how many total seasons of the show have been broadcast, including the original series?

There have been 35 seasons of the show.

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