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When the leaves change color, it's time to jump into your car and take a tour of the New England states. These quiet, picturesque states offer everything from fine cuisine to scenic views. Take this quiz to learn more about the beauty of the New England states.

When is it a good time to go on a leaf hunt in New England?

The leaves are all different colors and falling off the trees in October. This is a perfect time to go leaf hunting in New England.


What will you pass along route 100 in Vermont?

Along route 100 in Vermont, starting at Stamford, you'll pass many sugar houses and general stores.


Where can you find a covered bridge in Vermont?

Take out the camera and snap some shots of this scenic covered bridge, located close to the intersection of Routes 100 and 17.


Route 100 extends from:

Enjoy a quiet and slow drive through the Green Mountains along Route 100, which extends from Massachusetts all the way up close to the Canadian border.


Where is Robert Frosts' grave?

Stop by Robert Frosts' grave in Old Bennington along Route 67 in Vermont.


Where is the Trapp Family Lodge?

The Trapp Family Lodge is a must see, located in Stowe along Route 108.


Route 12A in New Hampshire is known for:

Route 12A, which is close to the Connecticut River, is well known for its covered bridges and vintage barns.


The Cornish-Windsor covered bridge is:

Located along route 12A in New Hampshire, the Cornish-Windsor covered bridge is the longest two-span covered bridge in America.


What can you see at the top of Mount Kearsarge?

Drive to the summit of Mount Kearsarge where you can see Boston, the Vermont Green Mountains, and the Atlantic Ocean.


How high above sea level does the Kancamagus Scenic Highway go?

The drive is worth it! Going up nearly 3,000 feet (914 meters) along the Kancamagus Scenic Highway, you'll have tons of great photo opportunities.


What highway runs through the White Mountains?

Take Route 112 to go through the White Mountains, starting at Conway and ending at Lincoln.


Where is the Acadia National Park Loop Road located?

The Acadia National Park Loop Road, located in Maine, has many attractions and activities, including beaches and hiking.


You'll find ___________ along Route 1 in Maine.

Route 1 in Maine has several historic towns, including York, Ogunquit, and Wells.


Route 1 in Maine leads to:

Extend your trip along Route 1, which leads directly to Acadia National Park Loop Road.


The Glocester Loop is full of:

The Glocester Loop through Blackstone River Valley is a scenic tour of apple orchards and farms.


Route 169 in Connecticut is great for:

Route 169, also known as the Historic Route, brings you to various historical sites.


What was the Friendship Valley Inn?

Along Route 169 you'll find the Friendship Valley Inn, a common stop for the underground railroad.


Besides historical sites, what else can you find along Route 169?

Take a break from the history lesson and enjoy apple picking at the Lapsley Orchard or wine tasting at the Sharpe Hill Vineyard and Winery.


What can you find along the King's Highway?

The Old King's Highway in Massachusetts is lined with antique shops, historical sites, and art galleries.


What culinary cuisine can you enjoy along the King's Highway?

Eat to your hearts delight and enjoy fresh seafood along this highway. Beware, however, most of these seafood restaurants close after the summer season.


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