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Both reviled and renowned, this team is the equivalent of NFL royalty. How much do you know about the New England Patriots? Find out by taking this quiz!

In what year did the Patriots play their first season?

The team played its first game in 1960. They were first known as the Boston Patriots.


What object appeared on the team's helmet design in 1960?

It was so redundant. There was a patriot-inspired tri-corner hat featured on the helmets.


How many Super Bowls have the Patriots won?

The team has four Super Bowl wins, tying them with the Colts and Lions.


In 2008 and 2012, the Patriots lost the Super Bowl to the same opponent. Which team was it?

The Giants beat the Patriots in both games. The Giants victory in 2007 stopped the Patriots from completing a perfect season.


When did the team change its name to the New England Patriots?

Eleven years after the franchise started, its name was changed to the New England Patriots.


Before the team was renamed the New England Patriots, what other name was strongly considered?

Some people were taken with the idea of the name Bay State Patriots, but the abbreviation (B.S. Patriots) meant that this moniker didn't stick.


How much did team owner Robert Kraft pay for the team when he bought it in 1994?

Kraft paid $175 million for the team. Since then, he's turned the team into one of the most-recognized brand names in the sports world.


As of 2016, how many AFC Championships do the Patriots have?

New England has won eight AFC Championships, all coming since 1985.


During the team's first decade, it played in how many different venues?

Before the NFL became a big business, venues were harder to find. The team bounced around four different venues in the early years.


What's the name of the stadium that the Patriots call home?

The Patriots play in Gillette Stadium, which has a capacity of around 68,000.


In what year was head coach Bill Belichick hired?

With Belichick in charge (since 2000), the team has won an incredible four Super Bowls and earned a reputation for consistency.


How does the Patriots cheer squad, named the End Zone Militia, celebrate each touchdown that the team scores?

To celebrate a score, they fire their rifles (with no bullets) in a loud crack that can be heard all over the stadium.


Who was the team's coach just before Bill Belichick was hired?

Pete Carroll led the team to two playoff appearances but was fired in 1999. Carroll has found great success as coach of the Seattle Seahawks.


In what year did the team make its first Super Bowl appearance?

The Patriots rode the average play of quarterback Tony Eason to the Super Bowl. He played so badly that he was replaced by his backup, Steve Grogan.


Which team did the Patriots face in the 1986 Super Bowl?

They played the Bears, one of the most dominant teams of the era. The Patriots were thumped 46-10.


Since moving to Gillette Stadium, the Patriots have sold out every single game.

Since 1994, the Patriots have indeed sold out every game -- and that includes preseason games, too.


The Patriots have a bitter rivalry with which NFL team?

The New York Jets are the closet team geographically, and Patriots fans consider the Jets to be one of their biggest rivals. The Patriots also have fierce rivalries with the Colts and Ravens.


How many times have the Patriots appeared in the Super Bowl?

The team has made it to eight Super Bowls, tying with three other teams (Steelers, Broncos, Cowboys) for the most Super Bowl appearances.


After purchasing the Patriots in 1992, where did owner James Orthwein intend to move the team?

Orthwein was a Missouri native who wanted to have his own team back home -- he was going to move the Patriots to St. Louis. Instead, he wound up selling the team to Robert Kraft two years later.


What were the Patriots accused of doing during the "Spygate" scandal in 2007?

The Patriots were deemed guilty of inappropriately taping the defensive signals of another team. Head coach Bill Belichick was fined half a million dollars for the incident.


In what year did the Patriots trade their old "Pat Patriot" helmets for the current design?

In 1993, the team gave up the helmets featuring a Patriot and moved to the current style, which incorporates a lot of silver and blue.


In what round of the NFL draft was quarterback Tom Brady selected by the Patriots?

Brady was taken in the sixth round, and no one expected him to be better than average. Instead, he turned into one of the best players in NFL history.


What is the team's all-time worst regular season record?

1990 was a terrible year for the team, which compiled a record of 1-15.


The Patriots have had some lopsided victories in their history. Which team did they beat by the most points?

In 2009, the Patriots destroyed the Titans by a score of 59-0.


The first three of the Patriots' Super Bowl wins came by the same margin of victory. By how much did they win each game?

The Patriots never pulled away during their first three Super Bowl victories -- they won each game by exactly three points. They won their fourth championship by four points.


How many losing seasons have the Patriots had with Tom Brady as quarterback?

Brady helped to usher in an incredible era of winning. He's never had a losing season.


Why was Patriots quarterback Tom Brady suspended for the first four games of the 2016 season?

In the widely publicized "Deflategate" scandal, Brady was accused of tampering with ball inflation during a 2015 game.


How many seasons did it take for Tom Brady to win his first Super Bowl?

Brady didn't play much his first year. In his second season he took over for the injured Drew Bledsoe … and then led the Patriots to a Super Bowl victory.


With Brady in his second year as quarterback, which team did the Patriots defeat in the 2002 Super Bowl?

It was a highly-anticipated matchup featuring the Patriots against the St. Louis Rams, led by a gunslinger-style quarterback named Kurt Warner.


Including both the regular season and playoffs, how many consecutive games did the Patriots win during the 2003-04 seasons?

The Patriots set the NFL record for consecutive wins with 21.


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