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Even if the world is not predominantly Catholic or Christian, many people choose to buy and read the Bible for different reasons. The primary reason is, of course, religion. The faiths of people compel them to buy a copy, or they might be required by their churches or church leaders to secure one for the household. And sometimes, different members of the household might want a copy of their own.

All over the world, there are also many Christian-run or Catholic-run schools and each student is required to bring a copy of the Bible for class purposes. There is even an educational response to produce Bibles that are more understandable for kids, so that's another Bible version right there.

One more curious source of Bible sales is the hospitality industry. Did you know that in some countries there is a Bible provided in all hotel rooms?

With all these audiences reading the Bible, it's no wonder that many of its stories are familiar to a variety of people. 

In this quiz, we would like to test your knowledge of New Testament stories. Open up the quiz to find out how much you know about them!

Perhaps the biggest story that the New Testament chronicles is about the birth of this very important figure. Who was he?

The Nativity story found in the New Testament of the Bible chronicles the very important arrival of a holy figure on earth: Jesus Christ, no less than the Son of God. This story is actually the basis of the Christian story of Christmas, and the entire world is reminded of this story every December.


The Annunciation is basically about an angel visiting this very important mother-to-be. Can you guess who she is?

The official Christian feast of the Annunciation, which happens every March 25, refers to that moment when Gabriel the Archangel visited the Virgin Mary to announce that she would give birth to the Messiah​. Through immaculate conception, she was chosen to carry and deliver him to the world.


Jesus also spoke of a parable involving a lost animal. Which creature was this?

The parable of the lost sheep is somewhat a criticism of many righteous people who deem that they don't need to repent, yet God favors not them but that one sinner who repents faithfully. Jesus used the sheep as an analogy for the righteous and the repentant, preferring quality over quantity.


The humble story of Jesus' birth took place in what kind of structure?

When the Virgin Mary was about to give birth, there was no available room or bed anywhere, so she ended up giving birth to Jesus in a barn-like structure where he was placed in a manger. A manger is a kind of open box where food for domesticated animals is often placed.


What important lesson was the takeaway in the parable of the good Samaritan?

Jesus told many parables or stories that have simple plots but have poignant moral lessons. The parable of the good Samaritan was about a Samaritan helping a Jew despite their races clashing with one another. Jesus stressed the importance of helping all kinds of people in need, without prejudice.


The story of the Magi featured three wise men being guided by which heavenly body?

The Magi, also called the "Three Wise Men" or sometimes the "Three Kings," are the special visitors who traveled far to look for Jesus. They found the location of his birth by following the Star of Bethlehem. This is the reason why a big star is an important Christmas story symbol.


Jesus received one of the important Christian sacraments. What was this sacrament?

John The Baptist had been preparing for a long time to do one action deemed very important in his lifetime: to baptize Jesus Christ. That is why one of the Christian sacraments include baptism, and it's usually the very first sacrament that Christians experience in their lifetime.


Jesus was born in Bethlehem, but where did he grow up?

Nazareth is the place where Jesus spent his childhood, where he grew up under the guidance of his mother and his earthly father, Joseph. It was actually Joseph's hometown. In modern-day geography, you can find this small town in Israel.


Many interesting stories developed while Jesus was choosing his disciples. How many apostles did he pick?

The followers of Jesus were collectively known as the 12 disciples or sometimes the 12 apostles. The New Testament stories all chronicle his individual interaction and "recruitment" of each one of them, even showing that he chose those whom others deemed as "unworthy.​"


The story about the temptation of Jesus had another important character. Which character was this?

The temptation of Christ is a story that tells how Jesus was able to fend off every kind of demonic teasing made by Satan. Jesus was in the desert to fast but Satan tempted him to turn some stones into bread. There were other kinds of temptations as well, but Jesus​ didn't give in to them.


The New Testament chronicled many miracles done by Jesus but what was the most "non-human" of them all?

There are many stories about Jesus' life found in the New Testament but perhaps the most familiar and "non-human" story of them all was when he walked on water. This happened when a storm hit the seas while the disciples were riding a boat, and he walked to their boat and stopped the storm.


Jesus didn't like it when money and religion mixed in this kind of place. What place was this?

One of the classic New Testament stories tells of the time when Jesus and his disciples went to Jerusalem for Passover. But upon arriving at the temple there, he saw merchants and money changers inside and drove them away in a fit of anger.


Perhaps the most death-defying miracle Jesus performed was what he did with Lazarus. Can you guess what he did?

Lazarus was a very sick man and his sisters asked the disciples for Jesus' help. However, Jesus was delayed and Lazarus died. After four days, Jesus finally arrived in Lazarus' town and raised him from the dead.


In the famous story about the wedding at Cana, what miracle did Jesus perform?

When Jesus was just about to start his life of ministry, he and his disciples attended a wedding. During the celebrations, the host ran out of wine to serve, and this was where everyone saw Jesus' first miracle -- he turned water into wine.


How many people was Jesus able to feed one time with only five loaves of bread and two fishes?

The story known as "The Feeding of the Multitude" or sometimes "The Feeding of the 5,000," pertains to that story where Jesus was able to multiply just five loaves of bread and two fishes. He prayed over the existing food and​ the food grew in number inside the baskets.


What came out of the Sermon on the Mount story?

The Sermon on the Mount is noted as the longest discourse held by Jesus wherein he shared many of the foundations of his theology with the people. This was where he mentioned the Eight Beatitudes and also taught people how to properly pray to God via the Lord's Prayer (or the "Our Father").


Jesus raised another person from the dead, related to a man named Jairus. Who was this person?

Jairus, a man connected to a synagogue in Galilee, requested Jesus to cure his ailing daughter. When news arrived that the daughter already died, people advised him not to bother Jesus anymore. But Jesus visited the 12-year-old​ girl who was already dead and raised her up to life.


Jesus also told of a parable concerning a person's excessive material greed. What was its title?

The Parable of the rich fool tells the tale of how a farmer is trying to prepare his barn for harvest by having it destroyed to build a bigger barn, in order to store more crops for sale. He also wanted to live a lavish lifestyle which he mistook as something his soul needed.


When Jesus encountered a woman at the well, what basically happened in that story?

The woman at the well story, which happened in Samaritan land, tells of how Jesus transcended racial biases to offer someone a chance at salvation by offering her "living water." During that time, Samaritans and Jews didn't get along, so this story showed that he wanted to save all kinds of people.


Jesus healed many sick people that were usually shunned by society. Which person with a particular illness did he heal?

Lepers are those who suffer from leprosy, a disease visible through skin lesions and deformities. It's also contagious. In ancient times, lepers experienced "social death" because they were usually shunned by people. But Jesus didn't shy away from one and even healed him.


The apostles didn't like it when these specific people flocked around Jesus but He always welcomed them. Who were they?

Aside from being non-racist, stories show that Jesus also loved children. A particular story chronicled this well when some parents brought their children to Jesus but His disciples reprimanded them. Jesus intervened and said h​is classic line of "Let the children come to me."


The Palm Sunday celebration actually came from a story of Jesus arriving in a certain town. Which town was this?

The annual Palm Sunday celebration of the Christian world commemorates the story of Jesus' arrival in Jerusalem, shortly before his arrest and crucifixion. People who welcomed him laid down palm leaves and even their cloaks as his donkey rode past the streets.


In the greatest betrayal story of all, which of the apostles sold Jesus out?

The name Judas became synonymous with betrayal, as this was the name of the disciple who sold Jesus out to the authorities. They were looking to arrest him, and they paid Judas 30 pieces of silver to identify who among the people there was Jesus. Judas identified Jesus by kissing him.


Which leader had a hard time sentencing Jesus to death?

The name Pontius Pilate, as well as his act of washing his hands before sentencing Jesus, is associated with the act of evading accountability. In the Biblical story, though, Pilate didn't really want to sentence Jesus but was forced by the angry mob egged on by the priests who had Him arrested.


Jesus also told this popular parable that pertained to a "lost" family member. Which parable was this?

The parable of the prodigal son told of the tale of a man's wayward son and how this son, after splurging his inheritance, returned empty-handed and ashamed, yet his father still accepted him back. It teaches of redemption and forgiveness, especially of those who sinned but came back to faith again.


What term is used to refer to the story of Jesus being sentenced to die on a cross?

The crucifixion is the term used in the Christian world to refer to the death of Jesus Christ by being nailed onto a wooden cross. Prior to being nailed, he was made to carry this cross on his shoulders and walk around while wearing a crown made of thorny branches.


The 'Seven Last Words' refer to which part of Jesus' crucifixion story?

People usually refer to the sentence saying, "Into your hands, I commend my spirit" as the seven last words uttered by Jesus right before he died. However, Biblical scholars point to these last words as not literal words but seven statements Jesus uttered prior to taking his last breath.


The resurrection is the story of Jesus doing which God-like action?

The resurrection pertains to the story wherein Jesus rises from the dead. In the Christian world, this event is the one commemorated during the last day of Holy Week, specifically Easter Sunday.


Perhaps the most famous story about a meal pertained to this Biblical event. What was it called?

The Last Supper is perhaps one of the most popular mealtime stories featured in the Bible. This was the last time Jesus gathered together his disciples and predicted that one of them would betray him to the authorities and another would deny his association with Jesus.


Jesus foretold that one of his apostles would deny him three times. Which apostle did he mention?

The story of how Peter denied any association with Jesus three times teaches how Christians could eventually falter at their faith and belief in Jesus and in God, in general. When Peter felt bad and asked for forgiveness, it was also a lesson on how atonement works..


When Jesus was raised from the dead, which woman witnessed this first?

Mary Magdalene was one of the women followers of Jesus Christ. She was named in the New Testament accounts as either the main woman who saw Jesus' empty tomb or the first of a group of women to see this. In the Middle Ages, she was mislabeled as a prostitute.


John The Baptist's story didn't end well. What happened to him?

John The Baptist was actually incarcerated by King Herod of Galilee because he expressed his disagreement over what the king did. The king actually took his own brother's wife for his own, and this triggered the events that led to King Herod ordering John The Baptist to be beheaded.


Which woman was directly responsible for what happened to John The Baptist?

John The Baptist was jailed by King Herod because he disapproved of the King taking his own brother's wife. The wife's daughter, Salome, danced during the king's birthday, where he told her that she could have whatever she wanted. Upon her mother's coaching, Salome asked for John's head on a platter.


This chronicler of other New Testament books was an enemy of Jesus' people at first. Who was he?

It is said that St. Paul, in his younger days, was keen on prosecuting Christians until he had a vision on his way to Damascus. Accounts say he was temporarily blinded by a bright light, which turned out to be God showing him that Jesus was indeed the Messiah, a fact Paul initially rejected.


Despite his denial of Jesus, Peter went on to establish which important legacy?

The story of Peter, Jesus' disciple who denied his association with him three times, had a very good narrative. He was the one who established the first church, in line with the teachings of Jesus, and he went on to become the first recognized pope of the Christian world.


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