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The No. 1 draft pick can make or break the fortunes of a football team. How much do you know about these No. 1 NFL picks? Take this quiz and find out!

From which college team was the very first No. 1 draft pick selected?

Jay Berwanger was a halfback from the University of Chicago who was selected at No. 1 in the first NFL draft in 1936. He was a Heisman Trophy Award winner, too.


For how many seasons did 1986's top pick Bo Jackson play in the NFL?

Jackson played 38 game in four seasons until hip surgery forced him out of football. He then went on to a successful baseball career.


After being selected by the Dallas Cowboys, how many Super Bowls did QB Troy Aikman win?

Aikman was the rare pick who lived up to all of his potential. He helped the Cowboys win three Super Bowls in his 12 seasons.


Of the first 10 NFL drafts (1936-1946) how many of the No. 1 picks were also Heisman Award winners?

The Heisman Award has always corresponded to a high draft pick. In four of the first 10 drafts, the top pick was the Heisman winner.


Terry Baker was the No. 1 draft pick in 1963. Other than football, what sport did Baker play in college?

Baker was a tremendous athlete who not only won the Heisman, but he also played in the Final Four with the basketball team at Oregon State.


How many touchdown passes did phenom Terry Baker throw after being drafted by the Rams in 1963?

Baker was the definition of a bust. He played for the Rams for three seasons and threw only 21 passes … and none of them were touchdowns.


The No. 1 pick of the 2013 draft was Eric Fisher. What position does he play?

Fisher was the rare offensive lineman to be selected at No. 1. He has developed into a solid player for the Kansas City Chiefs.


For how many teams did top pick QB Drew Bledsoe play?

Bledsoe played for three teams, most notably New England. He also played for the Bills and the Cowboys.


Which two teams have had more No. 1 picks than any other teams?

The Colts and Rams have had more No. 1 picks than any other teams. They are tied at seven apiece.


In which category did No. 1 pick QB David Carr lead the league three of his first four seasons with the Houston Texans?

He led the league in sacks taken in three of his first four years, a fact that probably led to his shaky performance in the pocket.


How many times was David Carr sacked during his five seasons in Houston?

He was sacked a whopping 249 times, a testament to the lack of protection he received from his offensive line.


Who was the No. 1 pick of the 1998 draft?

Future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning was the No. 1 pick. Leaf was picked second and flamed out in the most spectacular way possible.


Which team selected QB Alex Smith at No. 1 in the 2005 draft?

The 49ers selected Smith, who had an up-and-down career in California before being traded to the Chiefs.


Which team selected QB John Elway as the No. 1 pick in 1983?

The Colts picked Elway, who promptly refused to play for the team, threatening to walk away from football altogether. He was then traded to the Broncos.


For how many teams did No. 1 pick QB Jeff George play for in the NFL?

George had a strong arm and a thick head -- for every amazing play he made, he bungled another. He played for five teams in 12 years.


How many No. 1 picks have the Kansas City Chiefs had in their history?

In their long history, the Chiefs have had two No. 1 picks, in 2013 and 1963.


In what year was linebacker Aundray Bruce selected as No. 1?

Bruce was the top pick in 1988, when he was touted as the next Lawrence Taylor. He turned into a very average player during his 11-season career.


For which college team did 2003's No. 1 pick Carson Palmer play?

Palmer was the 2002 Heisman winner at USC. In his second year for the Bengals, he threw 32 touchdown passes.


Why did 1992's No. 1 pick, Steve Emtman, fail to succeed in the NFL?

Emtman was a monster of a player who simply couldn't stay healthy. He played only 50 games in six seasons and burned through three teams in that time.


What year was QB Eli Manning selected at No. 1?

Six years after his older brother Peyton was selected at No. 1, Eli repeated the feat. He was picked by the Chargers in the 2004 draft.


After being selected as the No. 1 pick in 1999, how many seasons did QB Tim Couch play for the Browns?

Couch played five years for the Browns and even led them on a playoff run. But his career 75.1 QB rating demonstrated his overall lack of effectiveness.


Which team selected QB Cam Newton with the No. 1 pick in the 2011 draft?

The Panthers picked Newton in 2011 and were rewarded with a trip to the 2015 Super Bowl, largely thanks to the stellar play of their star quarterback. He's been inconsistent, though, and has had several squabbles with the media.


Which No. 1 pick had a terrible injury in his very first preseason game?

Running back Ki-Jana Carter was drafted by the Bengals in 1995 and then got hurt on his third carry in his first preseason game. He never regained top form and scored 20 touchdowns in his short NFL career.


For how many seasons did QB Vinny Testaverde play in the NFL?

Testaverde played for 21 seasons, for seven different teams. He won a total of 90 games … and lost 123.


Which team selected Vinny Testaverde in the draft?

Vinny played for the University of Florida and then went straight to another Florida team -- the Buccaneers, where he was often booed for his numerous interceptions.


In what year was QB JaMarcus Russell taken by the Raiders, which had the No. 1 pick?

Russell was drafted in 2007 and is regarded as one of the biggest NFL draft busts in history.


How many touchdowns did No. 1 pick JaMarcus Russell score in his three seasons with the Raiders?

He scored only 18 touchdowns in three seasons … and he threw 23 interceptions. He won exactly seven games. His poor work ethic is often cited as the cause of his demise.


In team history, how many No. 1 picks have the Dallas Cowboys had?

The Cowboys have had three No. 1 picks, in 1974, 1989 and 1991.


Which No. 1 pick turned out to be the NFL Offensive Player of the Year in 2010?

Bradford set the league record for completions by a rookie and won the Offensive Rookie of the Year award. He's suffered from various injuries that have slowed his hot start.


During his 18-year career, how many times was QB Peyton Manning selected for the Pro Bowl?

Manning was selected to 14 Pro Bowls, but more importantly, he won two Super Bowls. He was NFL MVP five times, too.


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