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Fresh out of college and into the NFL meat grinder, these players have excelled beyond their wildest dreams. How much do you know about the NFL Rookie of the Year Award?

In what year did the NFL begin the Rookie of the Year (ROTY) Award?

The award made its debut in 1967 and is awarded to two players, one on offense and one one defense.


How many safeties have won defensive ROTY?

Only two safeties have won the award. Erik McMillan won in 1988 and Mark Carrier won in 1990.


How are the winners selected?

A vote is taken among 50 Associated Press writers. Whoever receives the most votes wins.


When does the NFL ask AP writers to cast their votes for ROTY?

Once the regular season is concluded -- and before the playoffs begin -- AP writers cast their votes.


As of 2015, there have been 48 offensive ROTY awards. Which offensive position has received most of the awards?

Running backs are the most dependable ROTY award winners. They've won more awards than any position.


Of the 48 ROTY awards (as of 2015), how many running backs have won the award?

Running backs have won 33 of the 48 awards, far outpacing any other position.


When does the NFL announce the winners of the award?

The award winners are announced as part of the championship festivities, the night before the Super Bowl.


How many wide receivers have won offensive ROTY?

Wide receivers have won the award nine times. As of 2016, the offensive ROTY has only been awarded to three positions -- QB, RB and WR.


For which team did Franco Harris play when he won offensive ROTY in 1972?

Harris was a running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He rushed for 10 touchdowns.


How many times have two players been named defensive ROTY after the same season?

Only once has the award been shared between two players, in 1980, when linebackers Buddy Curry and Al Richardson won. They also played for the same team.


For what team did Buddy Curry and Al Richardson play when they split the defensive ROTY award?

Curry and Richardson played for Atlanta when they split the award. They played for eight and six seasons, respectively.


In 1967, which player was NOT one of the ROTY award winners?

Humphrey won in 1968. Barney and Farr won for defense and offense, respectively.


A player at which position won the first offensive ROTY award?

Mel Farr was a running back for the Detroit Lions when he won the first offensive ROTY. He was the seventh pick of the 1967 draft.


After QB Dennis Shaw won the 1970 offensive ROTY award, how many years would it be before another QB won?

It seems almost impossible, but it's true -- it was 34 years before another QB won offensive rookie of the year.


Who was the first QB to win offensive ROTY after Dennis Shaw won in 1970?

In 2004, Ben Roethlisberger won the award, ending a 34-year QB drought. He went 13-0 and won a playoff game, too.


As of 2015, there have been 48 defensive ROTY awards. Which defensive position has received most of the awards?

If you want to win a defensive ROTY awards, you'd best be a linebacker -- they win the majority of the awards.


Of the 48 defensive ROTY awards, how many have gone to linebackers?

As of 2015, a little more than half of the defensive ROTY awards (25) have been awarded to linebackers.


Who won the defensive ROTY award following the 2015 season?

Peters, the energetic cornerback for the Chiefs, won the defensive ROTY award. He was also selected for the Pro Bowl.


How many combined tackles did linebacker Von Miller have during the 2011 season?

Miller had 64 combined tackles and 11.5 sacks. Those statistics helped propel him to ROTY.


What other honor has Von Miller received?

After helping to stop the high-powered Carolina offense in Super Bowl 50, Miller was named Super Bowl MVP. The award rarely goes to a defensive player.


Which player won offensive ROTY in 2006?

Vince Young scored 19 touchdowns for the Tennessee Titans en route to the award. After his first season he was mostly an average player.


As of 2015, how many QBs have won the ROTY award?

Although quarterback is arguably the game's most important position, only seven players have managed to win ROTY.


Which player won defensive ROTY year in 1998?

Woodson won the 1998 award … and didn't retire until 2015, giving him one of the longest and most productive careers in NFL history, with 18 seasons under his belt.


Since 2000, how many defensive ROTY awards have been awarded to linebackers?

From 2000 to 2015, 11 linebackers have won defensive ROTY.


In what year did RB Adrian Peterson win ROTY?

The Minnesota Vikings star won ROTY in 2007, a year in which he rushed for 12 touchdowns and caught one more.


How many touchdowns did Robert Griffin III score during his 2012 ROTY season?

Griffin was on fire during his rookie year, scoring 27 total touchdowns, including 7 rushing scores. Since then, his career his been decimated by injuries.


Who won defensive ROTY in 2009?

Linebacker Brian Cushing won in 2009 after combining for 133 tackles and 4 sacks. He was also named to the Pro Bowl that year.


At one point, linebackers won how many consecutive ROTY awards?

Linebackers won every ROTY award from 2003 to 2009.


How many sacks did linebacker Terrell Suggs record during his ROTY season?

He nabbed 12 sacks in his ROTY season. He is currently the all-time sack leader for his team, the Baltimore Ravens.


In what year did DT Ndamukong Suh win defensive ROTY?

He won the award in 2010, a year in which he had 10 sacks and 66 combined tackles.


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