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Some NFL teams are so well-oiled as to be unstoppable, whereas the perennial losing franchises become the stuff of football lore. Either way, the good news is that American football fans tend to be ride or die, totally devoted to their team regardless of the outcome. Of course, you might hear some very loud complaining and coaching suggestions, but by God, they’re still there, suffering out the losses with the other devoted fans!

Sometimes, all it takes is a really great draft selection or two to turn things around. The embattled Cleveland Browns selected quarterback Baker Mayfield as the first overall pick in the 2018 NFL draft, a choice that raised more than a few eyebrows. Although he hasn’t landed any Super Bowl rings just yet, he certainly helped bring about a major momentum shift early in his inaugural season with a win over the New York Jets following a mind-numbing 19-game winless streak (they managed to tie another game a couple weeks prior, ending the losing streak). Ironically, the Browns recorded likely the first winning streak way back in the 1940s as part of the All-America Football Conference with an 18-game run.

For devout fans, these are the highest of highs and lowest of lows. How much do you know about NFL winning and losing streaks? Take this quiz and find out if you need to brush up on the record book, or not!

Which team had the longest winning streak in NFL history?

In 2003-04, the New England Patriots were unstoppable. The streak lasted from Oct. 3, 2003 to Oct. 31, 2004.


How many games did the Patriots win during their legendary streak?

The team's streak lasted 21 games. The streak started against the Tennessee Titans and ended against the Pittsburgh Steelers.


During their 21-game win streak, how many of the Patriots' games went into overtime?

The Patriots were pushed into overtime twice, once by the Dolphins and then by the Houston Texans. Both OT games occurred in 2003.


Which team holds the record for the longest losing streak in NFL history?

The Buccaneers set the record for futility by losing a mind-numbing 26 straight games in the 1976-77 seasons.


In total, how many games did the Buccaneers win during the 1976-77 seasons?

They won two games, but the 26 losses in a row thing really put the damper on fans' spirits.


Against which team did the Buccaneers finally break their 26-game curse?

The Bucs finally broke out against the Saints, another perennial loser. The Saints had a record of 3-10 that year.


In the last game of the 2009 season, which team ruined the Indianapolis Colts' perfect record?

The Jets beat the Colts 29-15, but the Colts chose to rest their starters for much of the second half in preparation for a playoff run.


Which team has the record for most consecutive home wins, in the regular season only?

The powerhouse Dolphins teams of the '70s were hard to beat at home — they won 27 games in a row.


Which incarnation of the Chicago Bears had the longest winning streak?

The 1933-34 Bears didn't score many points, but they always won. They won 18 straight games, just like the 1941-42 team, which scored points in bunches.


Including the regular season and playoffs, which team holds the record for consecutive home wins?

The 1971-74 Dolphins won 31 games in a row at home, including the regular season and playoffs.


How many points did the New York Giants score during an eight-game losing streak in 2003?

They scored only 54 points, or less than 7 points per game. The team was plagued by injuries, but coach Jim Fassel still lost his job.


Which year did the Miami Dolphins win 14 straight games?

The 1974 team went totally undefeated and won the Super Bowl. It is still the only perfect season in NFL history.


Which team had the NFL's second-longest losing streak?

The Lions have been stinking it up almost as long as Tampa Bay. Their losing streak started in 2007 and finally ended in 2009.


How many games were there in the Lions' losing streak from 2007 to 2009?

There were 19 miserable defeats. They nicked the Washington Redskins 19-14 in September 2009 to finally get back into the win column.


During the 2015 season, the Kansas City Chiefs started 1-5. Then they won how many games in a row?

In one of the most remarkable turnarounds in league history, they overcame a poor start and won 10 straight games, and then won a playoff matchup, too.


During the 2007-08 season, including the playoffs, how many consecutive wins did the Patriots tally?

The Patriots were indomitable, winning 18 games in a row and sweeping their way into the Super Bowl … where they lost.


Which team beat the Patriots in the 2008 Super Bowl, halting their 18-game winning streak?

In one of the most dramatic Super Bowl finishes ever, the Giants knocked off the Patriots 17-14 and ended New England's crazy win streak.


Which team holds the record for the second-longest winning streak?

During the 2010-11 season, the Packers, led by quarterback Aaron Rodgers, blew by team after team en route to 19 straight wins.


Which team finally put a stop to Green Bay's 19-game winning streak?

The hapless Chiefs were heavy underdogs but managed to squeak out a win (19-14), dropping the Packers to 13-1.


How many teams have started the season 14-0?

Only four teams have managed this feat: Carolina, Miami, New England and Indianapolis.


How many games did the Carolina Panthers win in 2001?

They won their first game (against the Vikings) and proceeded to lose 15. Head coach George Seifert lost his job after the season.


During the 2013-14 season, how many games did the Oakland Raiders lose in a row?

They compiled a nasty list of 16 losses, good for sixth worst of all time.


The Raiders' 16-game losing streak is tied with which other team for the sixth-worst losing streak ever?

The Miami Dolphins were terrible in 2006-07, losing 16 straight games. They went 1-15 in 2007.


Which team lost 14 straight games during the 1990 season?

Buried beneath the glitz of the current team's successes, fans sometimes forget the misery of the early 1990s Patriots.


Which team set the record for the longest regular season-only winning streak?

Led by QB Peyton Manning, the Colts were unstoppable in the regular season, but they couldn't extend their success into the playoffs.


How long did the Colts' regular season winning streak last?

Their streak lasted for a ridiculous 23 games, but for whatever reason, the team couldn't seem to break through in the playoffs.


Since 1995, how many 10-game (or more) home winning streaks have the Packers put together?

The Packers have five home winning streaks of 10 games or more. The Patriots are second, with four.


Which team's fans started the trend of wearing paper bags over their heads due to the consistent losing streaks?

Saints fans were no stranger to shame. But the 1980 season was especially painful, with 14 straight losses.


What's the Seattle Seahawks' longest-ever home winning streak?

The Seahawks won 14 consecutive games, a streak that was finally ended by the Arizona Cardinals in December 2013.


Which team has the record for the most consecutive postseason wins only?

The Patriots are legendary for their postseason successes. At one point they'd won 10 straight postseason matchups.


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