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When the sun sets, lawyers and judges go a little crazy. How much do know about the hit TV show 'Night Court'?

What was Judge Harry's last name?

Stone was played by a real-life Harry … Harry Anderson.


"Night Court" is set in which American city?

All of the action takes places in Manhattan city court.


Which "Star Trek" actor appeared on several episodes of the show?

In one episode, Spiner's accused of blowing up poultry.


Many of the show's hookers (and their pimps) are named after what?

The show's primary writer used the opportunity to wink at his friends.


In what year did the show first air?

It ran from 1984 to 1992, a total of nine seasons.


On the show, Judge Stone is said to have made history how?

He was very young -- and somewhat crazy. In real life, many of the city's night judges were also notoriously a bit nuts.


Why was Stone selected by the state to be a judge even though he was only 34 years old at the time?

He was home on a weekend to answer his phone … a laughable way to select a judge, even for night court.


Writer Reinhold Weege created "Night Court." What other popular show did he help to create?

"Barney Miller" was a cop show that was also set in, you guessed it, New York City.


How many total episodes were aired?

There were 193 episodes, but each was only around 23 minutes long.


On which television network did the show air?

For most of its run on NBC, the show was ranked in the top 30 of all shows.


Which cable channel was first home to the show after its run on broadcast syndication?

It started out on A&E, and the show will likely be a staple for cable for many years to come.


Harry Anderson was a comedian but also had what other notable skill?

Anderson was known as a comedian and magician before he landed his famous role on "Night Court".


Why was the chain-smoking bailiff named Selma replaced following Season 2?

Strangely, Selma Diamond's replacement died of cancer, too, not long after the show's third season.


Why did Marsha Warfield say she was anxious about replacing the two women who had died during the show's run?

After seeing both of her predecessors die from cancer, Warfield didn't want to become victim No. 3.


What is Bull Shannon's IQ?

He was cast as superficially dumb but was actually a very intelligent human being, with a very high IQ score.


The character Dan Fielding was played by which actor?

Larroquette's lecherous, morally-challenged character became one of the show's most popular.


Christine Sullivan was played by which actress?

Markie became a regular cast member, but not until the show's third season.


Why did Richard Moll show up to his audition with his head shaved?

He'd shaved his head for another role but the creators liked the look and asked him to keep it for "Night Court".


Why did John Larroquette ask to be removed from a list of Emmy contenders, after he'd already won four in a row?

He was partly fearful that he'd never be able to escape playing characters that were gross womanizers.


A picture of which person is always found hanging in Harry's office?

Harry clearly has a thing for beautiful old-Hollywood actresses like Jean Harlow.


Why didn't Robert Klein take the role of Judge Stone?

Klein was the original choice for the judge's role, but he wanted more money for his work.


Which "Seinfeld" actor made an appearance on "Night Court"?

Appropriately, Richards played a deranged burglar who appeared naked in court.


The show's creators first saw Harry Anderson on which program?

They saw him performing magic tricks and decided that Anderson might be right for the part of Judge Stone.


How old was Harry Anderson when he took the role of a 34-year-old judge?

Anderson was actually three years younger than the character he played.


How tall was Richard Moll, who played the bailiff named Bull?

At 6 feet 8 inches, Moll towered over his fellow cast members.


True or false: By the end of its run, "Night Court" began addressing more serious social issues under the veil of comedy.

The producers decided from day one to stick with silly humor instead of taking anything too seriously.


What was Bull's real first name?

Bull was definitely a more fitting name than Aristotle.


Originally, at the end of Season 8, what was supposed to happen to Dan?

He was supposed to enter religious life, but, at the last moment, the network renewed the show for another season, requiring massive rewriting.


What happened to Markie Post at the beginning of Season 7?

Her baby bump required the show's writers to create a new storyline, including her romance with a police officer.


What was Carla Bouvier's profession?

She was a frequent defendant and develops a crush on Harry.


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